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The UV printer nozzle: epson what is the difference between nozzle and industrial nozzle? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-25
With the popularity of digital printing, now there are many kinds of digital jet printer nozzle model, according to the major categories are divided into commercial and industrial spray nozzle. Epson nozzle is our most commonly used commercial the selection of nozzle. But since industrial head out, often hear some salesman to guide customers to exclude epson nozzle, causing some to pursue the accuracy of customer disoriented, today small make up you talk about your own opinion. First of all, from epson is the commercial nozzle spray application analysis, after is accuracy and speed is relatively weak, suitable for small batch customization. Especially the custom of high precision products, choosing epson nozzle is more suitable. And ricoh, konica, industrial-grade nozzle, the precision is relatively weak, but they face is a mass production, speed is the commercial nozzle can not reach. So the epson and other nozzle for different customers, clients will according to their own business needs! Secondly, from the use of epson nozzle effect analysis of many users reflect use epson head machine often wrong, this is true, but blame epson nozzle, is unfair. In fact, epson nozzle used in Japan, have a good name, so why are we passed the notorious? The reason is that epson is high precision, small orifice, high accuracy requirement of ink. There are always some users, manufacturers in order to save cost, even using alternative ink, replace the ink price is low, at the same time all aspects of performance cannot and compared after the screening of high quality ink and eventually lead to problems in process of the print. Print the effect not beautiful, not only the life of the machine and laser printing machine nozzle and will be changed. Finally, from the sprinkler maintenance cost analysis we put the epson industrial nozzle and nozzle together on life, the normal service life of the general of industrial-grade nozzle is twice the epson. But actually determined by the nozzle material is different, but the actual workload and the maintenance of this nozzle relationship is very large. Even industrial nozzle, if you don't do daily maintenance and maintenance, several isn't bad news in a week. Our price comparison, ricoh nozzle price is three times the epson, don't I forget it down? With small make up experience, epson nozzle, ricoh and other industrial nozzle, or any type of machine use early will be a small problem, this is due to the unskilled operation. Caused by many factors, such as machine work environment different users when meet this kind of situation don't panic, and factory technical personnel reflect problems, are generally able to be quickly resolved. research and development production since 2001, has been used in nozzle and ink developed in one of the leading enterprises in the market. Has been working hard to provide economical and profitable for more customers good equipment, many companies and individuals at home and abroad are printers, loyal, it is not without reason.
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