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The wide application of small character inkjet printers in various fields

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-05

The small character cij printer is a software-controlled device that uses a non-contact method to print on the surface of the product. The small character inkjet printer can greatly improve the efficiency of printing. The printing effect is beautiful and clear, and it has anti-counterfeiting function. It has been widely used in all walks of life. , Such as cosmetics, medicine, food, beverages, building materials

automotive parts, decorative materials, electronic components, etc.

The application of cij printers has been recognized by consumers, and its role and importance have long been recognized by the market. Nowadays, when consumers buy goods, they first check the label information. Consumers have already regarded the product label as the most basic criterion for judging the quality of the product. It can be seen that almost all products in the industry require inkjet printing

information, and use this to prove the specifications and qualifications of the products produced, and the logo with anti-counterfeiting function is also It can effectively prevent the emergence of many fake and shoddy products. For example, medical

Products in the pharmaceutical industry not only need to print the production date, expiration date, drug batch number, etc. Speed

Degree and ink environmental protection have strict requirements. The small character cij printers produced have excellent performance and can meet the demanding needs of various industries.

The non-contact small character inkjet printer is the crystallization of high technology, high reliability, easy to upgrade the software version, and low printing cost, so it is widely used in various industries Application

Used. According to professionals, the more advanced the equipment, the higher the requirements for the quality and skills of maintenance personnel. Maintenance personnel need to understand the principle of inkjet coding, and after the inkjet printer maintenance

knowledge and professional training, before they can take the job for maintenance.

Nowadays, the application of small character inkjet marking technology has gradually penetrated into every corner of our production and life, especially in industrial applications.

The complexity of applications is also increasing. Product identification has become an indispensable part of production in all walks of life.

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