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The working principle and application field of UV inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-09

UV inkjet printer refers to a piezoelectric inkjet printer that uses UV ink to print. UV ink is a kind of ink that needs ultraviolet radiation to dry Ink, UV is the abbreviation of Ultraviolet, which is translated as ultraviolet in Chinese. UV inkjet printer uses UV ink to print. UV ink is an ink that needs ultraviolet radiation to dry, and its print resolution exceeds 200DPI. So it is also called a high-resolution UV inkjet printer.

Working principle

The working principle of UV inkjet printer is the same as that of piezoelectric inkjet printer. It has hundreds of Or more piezoelectric crystals respectively control multiple nozzle holes on the nozzle plate, processed by the CPU, and then output a series of electrical signals to each piezoelectric crystal through the drive plate, the piezoelectric crystal is deformed, and the liquid device is stored in the structure The volume of the ink will suddenly change, and the ink will be ejected from the nozzle and fall on the surface of the moving object to form a dot matrix, thereby forming text, numbers or graphics.

After the nozzle discharges ink, the piezoelectric crystal returns to its original shape, and new ink enters the nozzle due to the surface tension of the ink. Because of the high density of ink dots per square centimeter, UV cij printers can be used to print high-quality text, complex logos and barcodes, and the database can be connected to achieve variable data coding.

UV inks are generally composed of 30-40% main resin, 20-30% active monomers, and a small amount of photoinitiators and similar leveling agents, defoamers, etc. The curing principle is a complex photoreactive curing process: UV ink generates free radicals or cationic monomers to polymerize and crosslink after the photoinitiator absorbs the corresponding violet light, and it instantly changes from liquid to solid. process. UV ink can be quickly dried after being irradiated by a certain range of area and a certain frequency of ultraviolet light. The UV cij printer has the characteristics of quick-drying, good adhesion, no nozzle clogging, and easy maintenance.

Application fields

UV inkjet printers are widely used Used in food, medicine, daily chemical, label printing, card making, packaging and printing, medical treatment, electronics, hardware and other industries. It can be used in flat materials such as aluminum plate, ceramic tile, glass, wood, metal sheet, acrylic plate, plastic, leather, and bags. Logo printing on products such as, cartons, etc.

UV cij printer can print various variable data in real time, including barcode, QR code, electronic supervision code, traceability code, anti-counterfeiting code, UDI code, date and time , Shift group number, calculator, graph, table, database, etc. Applicable products include mobile phone displays, beverage bottle caps, food packaging bags, medicine boxes, plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloys, batteries, plastic pipes, steel plates, circuit boards, chips, woven bags, medical equipment, brake pads, mobile phone casings, cartons, Motors, transformers, inner plates of water meters, gypsum boards, PCB circuit boards, outer packaging, etc.

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