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The working principle and application fields of QR code inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-13
1. The working principle of the two-dimensional code inkjet printer: two-dimensional code (two-dimensional bar code), as a brand-new information storage, transmission and identification technology, has been widely used in industrial production. In recent years, my country has gradually established a product anti-counterfeiting traceability information system in the production and circulation of seeds, pesticides and other fields. , The pharmaceutical, medical equipment and food industries have achieved QR code traceability. Variable two-dimensional code inkjet printers refer to inkjet equipment that can print variable two-dimensional code data in real time, usually UV cij printers. UV cij printer is a new type of inkjet equipment developed in recent years. Because of its ink characteristics, it is favored by manufacturers in various application industries. UV cij printer ink can be dried and cured immediately after being irradiated with ultraviolet curing lamp, with good stability. It can realize coding marks on various materials. The UV cij printer is a high-resolution inkjet printer with a printing accuracy> 200DPI. It uses hundreds or more piezoelectric crystals to control multiple nozzle holes on the nozzle plate. These holes are processed by the CPU and then output through the driver board. A series of electrical signals are given to each piezoelectric crystal, the piezoelectric crystal deforms, and the volume of the liquid storage device in the structure suddenly changes. The ink is ejected from the nozzle and falls on the surface of the moving object to form a dot matrix, thereby forming text, numbers or graphics. After the nozzle discharges the ink, the piezoelectric crystal returns to its original state, and new ink enters the nozzle due to the surface tension of the ink. Due to the high density of ink dots per square centimeter, UV cij printers can print high-quality text, complex logos, barcodes and QR codes. UV ink is usually composed of 30-40% main resin, 20-30% active monomer and a small amount of photoinitiator and auxiliary agents (such as leveling agent and defoaming agent). Its curing principle is a complex photoreactive curing process: UV ink absorbs the corresponding violet light through a photoinitiator, and generates free radicals or cationic monomers, polymerizes and crosslinks, and immediately changes from liquid to solid. UV ink can dry quickly after being irradiated by a certain range of areas and a certain frequency of ultraviolet rays, so the ink has the characteristics of quick drying, good adhesion, no nozzle clogging, and easy maintenance. 2. Application fields of QR code inkjet printer: Variable QR code UV inkjet printer can print all kinds of variable data in real time, including barcode, QR code, date and time, shift group number, calculator, graphics, Tables, databases, etc. It is suitable for food, medicine, daily chemical industry, label printing, card making, packaging printing, medical treatment, electronics, hardware and other industries. It can be used in flat materials such as aluminum plate, ceramic tile, glass, wood, metal plate, acrylic plate, plastic, leather, etc., and print logos on packaging bags, cartons and other products.
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