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The working principle and application of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-31

The advantage of the laser marking machine is to complete the online printing of higher hardness metals through dot matrix.

Features of laser marking machine:

The advantage of laser marking machine is that the symbol can be deep or shallow, whether it is a graphic , text, product serial number, trademark, etc., after marking, it becomes a permanent and permanent logo. Generally speaking, the daily marking workpiece volume is less than 1600 (10 5mm high characters), you can choose a laser cij printer. If the quantity is large, it is planned to use a laser marking machine or an electro-corrosion marking machine. In addition, it is the marking of various large and heavy workpieces that requires frequent work marking in different places. The laser cij printer is the first choice, and the quotation is moderate. It can be equipped with a notebook computer, which is convenient to carry.

By inputting the content of Chinese and English characters and graphics to be printed into the computer, the computer marking software changes the content to the digital control signal, transmits it to the controller, and drives the printing. Characters and graphics composed of successive lattices are printed on the workpiece; the needle moves according to the set orbit in the X-Y two-dimensional plane, and at the same time, the printing needle is under the effect of compressed air to print the dense lattice on the surface of the workpiece. concave symbol.

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