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There are tricks to distinguish the authenticity of Lafite wine, the marking of the printer is very important

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-16

In the past, the cost of counterfeiting was very low, and it was a full set of counterfeiting. Nowadays, the recognition ability of wine tasters is getting stronger and stronger, so counterfeiters start to 'use real bottles of fake wine'. Red wine counterfeiting

Those who purchase Lafite bottles at high prices are nothing more than trying to achieve the ultimate in fake wine and deceive professionals.

The trick of 'pouring fake wine in a real bottle' is a common trick of illegal liquor vendors, but this trend is gradually spreading to the high-end red wine field, and the price is expensive. Philip

The wine bears the brunt. Some unscrupulous vendors 'sniffed' the 'business opportunity' and started reselling empty bottles of Lafite. Among them, the highest bid price for empty bottles of Lafite with a better vintage is even as high as thousands of dollars.

'In the past, the cost of fraud was very low, and it was a full set of fraud. Nowadays, wine tasters are becoming more and more able to identify wine tasters. Some wine tasters will also consult professionals, so fraud < /p>

People start to 'fake real bottles of wine'. Purchasing Lafite bottles at high prices is nothing more than trying to achieve the ultimate in fake wine and deceive professionals.' Philippine red wine bottles are different. Although they don’t have so many coded anti-counterfeiting marks like domestic Wuliangye and Moutai, they also have their own unique anti-counterfeiting technologies, such as wine The bottom of the bottle is irregular

The position of the 'braille' and the 'shoulder' of the bottle are slightly different, and so on.

  How to identify a pseudonymous wine

'The Lafite we are talking about is produced by the French Lafite estate Because of its limited production, the price has been soaring in recent years.' Mr. Liu told reporters that at the moment

No matter what year, the price of Grand Lafite has exceeded 10,000 yuan. In some years of better quality, Grand Lafite has a higher price. For example, the price of Grand Lafite in 1982 was already as high as 50,000 yuan. The price of Lafite’s 'Fu' has also risen. Now the cheapest Lafite on the market is worth more than RMB 4,000.

A bottle. The reason why bottle recycling prices are so high is because it is very difficult to counterfeit famous brand red wine bottles.

For Lafite wine, it is relatively easy to achieve such aspects as the concave and convex wine label pattern. Lafite uses silk-screen printing technology, which has a concave and convex feel to the touch and is visually three-dimensional. Sensation

No matter the fruit, the wine label will not be soaked in water. If you use your nails to scratch the characters, the font will be scratched, but the background color will not change. But there are two points that are very difficult to forge

: One is the laser marking on the lower left corner of the bottle, which indicates the time of manufacture, and is printed by a high-quality cij printer. The content is clear and recognizable, and the

cij printer logo on the fake bottle is often not neatly sprayed, too large or small, or unclear, which does not look like a genuine product There is a steel stamp effect; the second is the color of the bottle cap, the Lafite bottle cap is red

The color of the domestic imitation is not correct. Professionals will know at a glance.

For this reason, industry insiders remind consumers not to blindly pursue high prices. The best red wines that are cost-effective and suitable for their drinking are the best.

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