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This is the correct way to adjust the optical path of the laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-10-28

In the daily use of the laser marking machine, we must not only be familiar with its operation method, but also understand some small knowledge about the optical path adjustment of the laser marking machine. Today I will share with you this aspect Tips, I hope to help you:   The correct way to adjust the light path:   Light path adjustment method:    1. Turn on the machine according to the normal startup sequence, pay attention to the chiller must be turned on, and wait for the chiller's real-time temperature to be consistent with the set temperature before proceeding. One step operation.

   2. Remove the protective cover of the laser marking machine, and be careful not to wipe it; turn off the laser and Q switch power supply according to the normal shutdown method.

  3. Observe the red light output and feedback at this time with a dimming double-frequency film or white paper. It is advisable that the red light indicator screen has the roundest and brightest spot.

If there are multiple red light spots, adjust the red light indicator to each adjustment nut of the beam expander in turn until the requirements are met.

  4. Turn on the laser power and adjust the current to the range of 14~15A, preferably not more than 15A. Use a dimming frequency doubler to observe whether the laser output is the roundest and brightest spot in front of the laser.

   5. Place the frequency doubler behind the beam expander to observe whether there is laser output.

If not, slowly adjust the adjusting nuts, and adjust them in order until there is the brightest and roundest spot.

  6. Slowly lower the current, observe the intensity of the light spot of the frequency doubling film, and adjust the adjusting nut to the roundest and brightest light spot in turn.

  7. Repeat step 6 at least 4-6 times to get the roundest and brightest spot. At this time, the current should be less than 10A, preferably not more than 12A.

   8. Place the frequency multiplier on the workbench, and the workbench should be at the focus position (approximately 22~22.5cm). Observe the intensity of the laser spot. You can also slightly increase the current to fine-tune the adjustment nut. Until the strongest spot is obtained.

Note that this step is fine-tuning.

  9. Turn on the Q switch and perform a trial engraving. (The trial engraving parameters are normal marking parameters.) If the light intensity meets the requirements, the adjustment is complete.

  10. Install the protective cover.

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