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'Thousands of Pure Gold' and 'Pure Gold' of Gold and Silver Jewelry Coding

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-20

Precious metal jewelry occupies a very important position in the jewelry family for its charming color and value-preserving function, and is favored by people. When you buy gold and silver jewelry

, you will find that there are different marks engraved on the inner ring or back of all kinds of jewelry, indicating the type of jewelry and the color of the jewelry.

The term you are most familiar with may be 'full gold>

Learn about these two terms.

Pure gold is called pure gold with a gold content of not less than 990 per thousand.

Thousands of pure golds are those with a gold content of not less than 999, called thousand pure golds, which are the highest value in the naming of jewelry fineness.


Some friends will definitely say that this is too simple and not challenging. Okay, let’s talk about everyone.

Maybe it is still vague, the standard of thousand pure gold has withdrawn from the stage of history? Have you heard of it?

As early as the first half of 2016, the country implemented the 'new national standard' for gold, and the 'thousand pure gold' officially withdrew from the jewelry market. All pure gold is collectively referred to as 'full gold.'

The title of Thousand Pure Gold has withdrawn from the stage of gold jewelry. Pure Gold represents the highest purity of jewelry products. Simply put, Thousand Pure Gold has been cancelled and unified into pure gold, but this does not mean Standard

The standard level is lowered. The standard revision is only to unify the purity naming standard, not the disappearance of high-quality precious metal jewelry. Even gold jewelry with a purity of 99.9% can only be called ' Full

GoldOf knowledge?

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