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Three highlights of the application of small character inkjet printers in the food industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-15
Basically, foods nowadays are packaged, but now there are more and more packages of all kinds, each food has its own brand, and we can see that it can be cleared through its packaging. And some of the better packages are more attractive. These packages basically need to be coded by some tight machines, and the one that is used the most is the small character code. Next, I will discuss with you in detail. Share with you: the three highlights of the application of small character coding in the food industry, I hope everyone can gain something. Highlight 1: Strong stability. The packaging in the food industry is very particular, so the stability and reliability of the food production line is the most concerned issue for food manufacturers. This is also the technical difficulty of the competitive inkjet printer. If you want to have a better effect, then A better inkjet printer is needed, and corresponding technical solutions need to be made while ensuring its stability to deal with some more troublesome problems. Especially in solving the problem of easy clogging of nozzles, this is the most critical aspect. Highlight 2: In order to meet the specific requirements of saving, to achieve a good coding effect, it not only requires a better performance machine, but also requires a certain method for the operation of some machines, which requires everyone to make a good print head. Controlled, because the manufacturer needs a very large amount, so it is necessary to control the size of the ink jet nozzle to minimize its loss. Highlight three: The ink used in the small character cij printer is chemical substances that meet the requirements of environmental protection, and people's requirements for food are also very large, so manufacturers must pay attention to some food safety issues, and consider these issues. , We need to consider whether it will cause too much pollution for some performance aspects of some machines. The three highlights of the application of small character cij printers in the food industry have been described in detail here. I hope that some manufacturers need to put environmental protection and safety in them when they carry out reasonable production. When using the machine, they must There are certain savings and environmental protection, and meet certain standards.
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