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Throughout the braille identification badge printer: life, have you ever pay attention to? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-29
For special groups need more understanding, they may be congenital than what we lack, also may be the day after tomorrow too much. There are some people in this group is called the blind, colorful time, they could not see our eyes feel inexorably, seasons, they contact the text is not known as font, is a special kind of braille. Braille exists in every aspect of life, money, braille books, public toilets identification, hotel, elevator and so on. Current braille books generally consists of photosensitive resin or foaming resin, used in the motherboard of the braille perforation printing, ink then through infrared irradiation curing or heating foaming processing, become a solid the braille. Operating trouble, not only cost is not low, and other custom logo is very difficult to achieve braille identification custom need, the production process is very troublesome. Why don't you try to use braille printers used? Braille printers can customize the braille reading not only, still can easily customize products often braille identification of road and the outer packing, public places and so on. Braille printers, mature technology, custom speed, by local stereoscopic UV printing braille stereo effect, provide braille printing, braille signs, stickers, braille digital stereo UV printing and other printing services. Multi-usage, packaging can be customized books paper, acrylic, metal, plastic products, etc. , which is dry, without post processing, simple operation, UV solid height can reach 0. 25 mm, short production cycle, the effect is better.
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