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TIJ Thermal Foaming Inkjet Printer Working Principle and Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-07

TIJ Thermal Foaming Working Principle and Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages

Simply put, TIJ inkjet printer is what we often call thermal foaming inkjet printer. The thermal foaming inkjet printer is easy to use, easy to install, and has complete printing functions. It can print real-time data, one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, variable database, etc., and it is easy to edit information.

The working principle of TIJ thermal foaming inkjet printer

The thermal foaming cij printer instantly heats the ink (instantly heated to above 300°C) in the ink ejection area through a thin film resistor to form numerous tiny bubbles. Drops are ejected from the nozzle to form the desired Chinese characters, numbers, patterns. If the bubble continues to expand, it will disappear back to the resistor; if the bubble disappears, the ink of the nozzle will shrink back. Then the surface tension will generate suction, and then pull new ink to be replenished to the ink ejection area to prepare for the next cycle of printing.

Analysis of the Advantages of TIJ Thermal Foaming Printing Technology

1. Seal the cartridge. There is no leakage and waste, and more attention is paid to cost control, so that customers can save the procurement cost of consumables to a greater extent and more in the process of use.

Second, no solvent is required. Compared with traditional small-character or large-character inkjet printers, the cost incurred during the use process is lower, which is more conducive to the use of large-scale product printing.

3. The equipment does not need maintenance, and the maintenance and use costs are low. Around the use process, TIJ inkjet printers do not need common maintenance and maintenance, just replace the new ink cartridges when the ink cartridges are used up, which greatly reduces the difficulty of customer operation and use, reduces the technical requirements for production line workers, and more Simple and practical.

Disadvantages of TIJ Thermal Foaming Printing Technology

1. The printing distance is required to be high. Generally, the distance between the nozzle and the product is required to be controlled within 5mm to achieve better printing effect display.

Second, the ink used is selective to the material. This is also a concern and headache for many manufacturers, such as clarity, adhesion, permeability, etc. Generally, TIJ cij printers are used on paper, plastic, metal, cloth and other permeable surfaces.

Third, the cost of consumables is high. A box of ink cartridges is 42 ml, the capacity is small, and the relative price is more expensive than the ink for small character cij printers.

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