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Tips for safe operation of printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-11

Through this time of joint learning, I believe that everyone has a better understanding of cij printers. In the process of using the inkjet printer, what safety issues need to be paid attention to?

Although the current machine has achieved mechanization and automation to a large extent, when we use the inkjet printer, we can't just plug in the power supply, turn it on, and shut it down. It's so simple and rude. Let's take a look at what needs to be paid attention to in the safe operation of the printer.

1. Before starting the machine, check whether the power cord, nozzles, and pipes of the equipment meet the safety requirements. Each inspection before starting up is a crucial factor to ensure the life of the printer.

2. Initialization should be carried out during the boot process. Do not perform other operations during about 1 minute. In order to make the machine more efficient in production, the initialization of the boot must be guaranteed.

3. Since the ink and solvent are flammable and explosive, it is strictly forbidden to put debris in the cavity of the printer, and pay attention to protection and cleanliness.

Fourth, the consumables used by the equipment shall be picked up and added by a dedicated person. If the equipment has a dedicated person to carry out the corresponding maintenance, it will even more enable the machine to ensure efficient and long-term operation.

5. The power cord of the cij printer is strictly prohibited to be mixed with high-power, strong interference equipment.

VI. It is forbidden to plug in power tools and hair dryers in the special sockets of the cij printer.

7. It is forbidden to use electric welding near the printer (within 5 meters).

8. The printing conditions must be set reasonably. If the date is incomplete during the operation of the equipment, you should first check whether the printing conditions are correct, and repair it after confirming that it is correct.

Nine, the waste liquid in the agglutination bottle of the extractor must be fixed to avoid leakage.

10. Wear solvent-resistant latex gloves and protective glasses when cleaning the nozzle and repairing.

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