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To buy a laser marking machine not only consider the price factor

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-23
Laser marking machine is widely used in the market at present. It has high cost performance, long service life, simple operation and marking material, etc. It has been more and more industry customer recognition, so the price has been the focus of attention, because no matter for individuals or enterprises, when on the package or product identification traceability, laser marking machine will be submitted to the production efficiency and product appearance packaging grades of inevitable choice. Laser marking machine is expensive and cheap. If you want to on the wood of non-metallic items, we suggest you use cheaper price of CO2 laser marking machine. Because it is suitable for most of the non-metallic materials, so it not only can be used independently, can also be used on the assembly line. The background of marking machine control software support software, such as autocad, photoshop. The system is powerful and easy to master. If you want to tag integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, we suggest that the optical fiber laser marking machine, the type of marking machine has the international advanced laser technology, and has a good quality, small size, rapid, long working hours and flexible installation. If your product is very high, and the green laser marking machine and UV laser marking machine is appropriate. These two kinds of marking machine has high conversion rate and high positioning accuracy. They have, the advantage of low power consumption, but the price is relatively high. Price difference about marking machine, it is recommended to buy laser marking machine, not just consider the price, also consider marking machine brand, quality, after-sale, and other factors. Laser suggest user before choosing marking machine simple understanding of the basic knowledge of the purchase, then with your suppliers to choose suitable laser engraving laser marking machine marking machine
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