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To explore the application of laser marking technology in industries

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-03

as industrial 4. 0 and the advent of macro policy of manufacturing, laser marking technology is more and more become one of indispensable marking equipment in the industry. Laser marking technology, the involved field of laser processing, one of the larger products for the food packaging industry, jewelry sign industry, hardware equipment industry, electronic industry, instrument industry, auto machinery industry such as the identity information of code has brought great convenience, can meet the requirements of these businesses in identifying information security industry. But also because manufacturer for requirements of different and the birth of a variety of laser marking machine for manufacturer of choice. Next, small make up with everyone under the simple discussion about the use of different industries.

food packaging industry, food is our daily life every day must come into contact with the goods, including our common coke, Sprite, milk, beverage, cookies, candy, bread, fruit, vegetables, aquatic products, food, edible oil, rice, spices, tobacco, drugs such as frequent contact with some of the goods. For the goods production date, batch number, logo, etc is indispensable to the main information, we can use the co2, optical fiber, such as ultraviolet laser marking machine for the commodity in the food packaging industry rapid permanent marker.

accessories signs industry: accessories signs mainly includes photographs, belt, nameplates, badges, signs, jewelry, button, belt buckle, leather bags, pet card, necklace, etc. , this class does not need to like food packaging production date, validity to print on the goods, but it needs to be marked some words with special industry, design, trademark is an important department at the same time. No matter in which form the information display on the goods can be done by laser machine, meet the needs of jewelry industry.

hardware equipment industry: common products included in the hardware industry with a screwdriver, scissors, wrench, cutting tools, fitness equipment, medical equipment, stainless steel products, aluminum products, locks, tableware, kitchen supplies, etc. , or found home similar knives, scissors, and other commodities are engraved with the trademark class type, some still can have the goods from the specific models. In addition to co2 laser marking outside, the rest of the laser laser laser marking machine can be used in the hardware industry, and solve the problem of hardware product trademark information tag.

instrument glasses industry: products in this industry is relatively simple watch, electronic watch, spectacle frames, glasses, all kinds of instrumentation equipment, etc. , can be found hand on the watch case also is to have access to relevant information exists, even on the glass frame is also exist, especially on the instrument. Like v. above industry also are a laser marking machine can be used to implement the accuracy of gauge glasses industry identity information code.

auto machinery industry: automotive machinery industry including the use of parts, bearing, piston ring, engine, badges, machine tools, steel bushing, etc. , different models used by the accessories is different, the businesses and consumers will be carried out in order to be able to distinguish, usually on the goods corresponding model, using markedness model and related information. This information to ensure permanent mark also need to choose to use laser marking equipment.

in addition to the appeal of some industries can be applied to laser marking closed, and many industries can be used, as long as it is need to be done in the commodity trademarks, text, design tags can use laser marking machine. Laser marking machine is a kind of non-contact environmental marking, the demand of the industry to solve the identity information of code, but also can help do anti-counterfeiting products against the list of goods, the effect of permanent, rapid precision marking effect, favored by the industry businesses.
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