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To explore the necessity of the existence of 3 d laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-16

with all types of manufacturers for the diversification of product identification information demand, and consumers for more and pursue the quality goods, leading to commodities in marking the new requirements. This is why the customer in the choice to buy laser marking machine will be the choice of diversification, for different consumer groups marking requirements are different, and different laser marking machine is able to meet the needs of different types of customers to play with, so as to whether the presence of 3 d laser marking machine is necessary?

the appearance of 3 d laser marking machine is a kind of new breakthrough, a laser mark it overturns the 2 d laser marking machine marking pattern, solve the 2 d laser marking machine can solve the problem. 2 d laser marking can only be limited to the standard on the plane, can not be extended to three dimensional surface marking, such as sphere, cylinder, irregular surface, fault, cone, embossed marking requirements. But the 3 d laser marking machine is able to complete the complex form of marking, completed a laser marking machine and a large innovation. Then the 3 d laser marking machine is compared with the two-dimensional laser marking machines and what are the advantages?

1, solve the problem of the defect of 2 d laser marking machine, for 2 d laser marking machine can't achieve surface, deep carved series problems, such as 3 d laser marking machine is able to realize, 3 d laser marking machine is able to quickly change the laser focal length and the position of the laser beam, on the premise of improving the efficiency of marking, and can be implemented within the scope of certain radian disposable effective marking.

2, broader and more detailed marking, 3 d marking can be divided into focus and focus before two kinds, mainly in order to achieve a greater scope of marking enough, in general use x, y axis deflection lens, and allow the incident laser intensity bigger, thus can get smaller focused spot, can obtain higher laser energy density, so that it can satisfy the requirement of the larger area marking.

3, 3 d laser marking machine adopts 3 d laser control system, namely the X, Y, Z axis, can maintain minimum under any kind of distance of laser spot, on the premise of not reduce marking effect, complete the focal length in 40 mm range of

4, solve the 2 d laser marking machine can't accurate control of 2 d anaglyph effect, using 'spot size' variable features of high precision marking, less damage location and character size and location and size to produce actual exposure, exposure coordinate differences and characters of the size and the actual effect will not occur.

5, 3 d laser marking machine for deep carved, three-dimensional marking, anaglyph processing to ensure marking effect, also can improve efficiency at the same time, also increased the customer demand for surface hit target.

6, according to express through independent research and development of 3 d dynamic laser marking control hardware, software, dedicated 3 d vibrating mirror, on the surface of workpiece and can be more accurately realize the laser marking, no from coke phenomenon when processing, even also can deal with the complicated surface.

to sum up, with the continuous development of industry and the change of the three-dimensional curved surface processing requirements, the existence of the 3 d laser marking machine for laser marking technology is a turning point, is also a kind of innovation. 3 d laser marking machine fine marking effect in the industry has won the acceptance of many manufacturers, it also laid the foundation for its existence necessity.
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