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To purchase inkjet printers, you need to have a comprehensive understanding to meet the printing needs of the product

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-01
When buying cij printers, everything should be based on demand. First of all, we need to judge the appearance of the fonts we need to print. The fonts printed by all cij printers are dot matrix. This is determined by the working principle of the inkjet printer. Users who print printed fonts can skip the printer directly and consider high-resolution or handheld or laser machines. Secondly, according to the number of content lines we want to print, whether we need to print 2 lines, 3 lines or 5 lines, generally if more than 5 lines, we need to choose high resolution or laser machine. Printers within 5 lines can do it. Whether there are printing requirements such as LOGO patterns to be printed, choose a machine that can print patterns to avoid problems in later use. Finally, the machine maintenance cycle time, the normal cleaning frequency of the cij printer, the ink solvent content, and the normal use time need to be clearly understood in advance to avoid incomprehensible problems in later use. The difference between imported and domestic products is shrinking, and the price is more beneficial to customers in the process of transparent development. It can save customers the price of initial purchase of cij printers and can also reduce the cost of consumables in the later period. While the function of the inkjet printer is more perfect, the price/performance ratio is constantly improving. Brand is not the most important thing. It is important to choose the right cij printer to meet our product printing needs.
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