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Tourist t-shirts custom need to pay attention to? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-14
Every trip is a new start, each a chance in life is the arrangement of fate. Travel let us meet some different scenery, feel different local conditions and customs. If it is go to travel with friends, family, then we travel t-shirts is absolutely indispensable! A can not only in the intangible show show the deep feelings, at the end of the tour can also be a meaningful souvenirs. Tourist t-shirts custom need to pay attention to? 1. The design of clothing tourist t-shirts should be casual and comfortable. Usually are in T-shirt or a Polo shirt is given priority to, if it is qiu dong season, mainly in fleece, etc. 2. Clothing fabric commonly used in general is given priority to with pure cotton fabric, will make the trip more comfortable. If the weather is hot, heavy tourism projects, quick-drying T-shirt is also a good choice. In 2019 to launch a new machine for the double location this T-shirt laser printing machine configuration using XP2000 nozzle and independent research and development on the card, rely on professional technical support, and more than 10 years of rich experience for manufacturing laser printing machine and gravity to create customized artifact! The machine to print three times faster than normal T-shirt laser printing machine! Higher, faster! This summer to obtain the necessary printing artifacts! Want to travel custom clothing, choose!
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