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Traditional printing will be spurt the code machine gradually replaced by absolute advantage

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-26
Traditional printing will gradually be spurt the code machine instead source: absolute advantage in this website the author: admin1 date: 2018 - 12 - Browse 3 0

now industry of packaging and printing has stopped using traditional printing forms, gradually be spurt the code machine, laser marking machine and other advanced marking equipment have replaced, why is it instead? The reason is very simple, is the traditional pattern of printing is getting more and more difficult to meet the needs of modern society, people to the requirement of printing aspects of identity information is becoming more and more high. Are poor in traditional printing text clarity and time-consuming, low production efficiency, such as the printing pattern fuzzy problem has seriously affected the quality of the product, go down for a long time can lead to loss of a large number of customer source, therefore need to comply with the demand of the era of change of marking equipment.

after the practice proved that the small printing equipment character spurt the code machine, uv laser marking machine, packaging machine, such as the use of printing equipment can greatly improve the commodity production effect, at the same time have high-definition printing effect, can improve the quality of the products and ensure that brings to the enterprise and improve the economic benefits of the broader market. Also because of the spurt the code machine has smaller text, Numbers, graphic identity information, such as clear spray printing on the product advantages, led to most of the printing industry began to adopt the spurt the cij printer. Whatever the type of printing equipment between them have in common: eight

first, spray printing effect is clear, mainly adopt computer control, can accurate will need to spray print words, Numbers, the demand information such as design of spray printing on its location.

second, high degree of automation, can improve production efficiency. Can automatically realize the information such as date, batch, serial number, anti-counterfeiting code changes, and realize unmanned jet printing process.

third, can be used by the field is wide and can match with any industry production line, can be in plastic, glass, paper, wood, rubber, paper and other materials and different body spray on the surface of the printed logo, date, specification, batch number and so on need spurts India's identity information.

4, can be directly by computer or edit the machine will have to play mark the information such as Numbers, text, pattern, line number, need to modify the print information when you just need to press number keys to complete.

five, can be adjusted according to the size of the actual demand to character, font width, height, thickness and so on are can adjust at will.

its six, can according to the actual demand to adjust spray print the number of rows, can be in 1 ~ 3 optional collocation inline.

its seven, spray printing speed can reach 120 m/min.

its eight, can satisfy the special requirements, such as the use of invisible ink jet printing to contact information or anti-counterfeiting recognition for perfect jet printing on the product.

all in all, is one of the computers and high-tech printing equipment, has higher reliability, and easy to upgrade the software itself. Easy to use, spray printing cost is low, some childish cij printer also has the function of faults in history such as equipment malfunction, maintenance personnel can according to the record quickly find the cause of the failure and addressed. To spurt the code machine in food, beverage, tobacco, cosmetics, cosmetic, packing and so on need to identity information code used in the industry.
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