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Troubleshoot the ink path of the small character inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-01
The small character inkjet printer uses ink breakpoints to form a dot matrix to form fonts. Therefore, the ink quality and ink circuit system design of the small character cij printer have a great relationship with the quality and fluency of the small character inkjet printer. And influence, it is very important to buy and use the correct small character inkjet printer ink at ordinary times. So be sure to use the special ink designated by the manufacturer. The internal structure of the small character cij printer is very complicated. The control of ink quality and viscosity has a great influence on ink recovery and recycling. Due to improper use of the ink circuit system of the small character inkjet printer, it may be the part that is prone to frequent failures. The small character inkjet printer has a certain ability to automatically detect when a failure occurs. Of course, we must form our own system when we maintain and deal with simple minor faults, so that we can check the root cause of the fault as quickly as possible, and we can deal with it as soon as possible. This includes several aspects. 1. Pressure system. Is there enough pressure to deliver the ink to the nozzle? If not, then the problem of the previous pump and the filter should be considered. 2. Recycling issues. The recycling pipe is recycled to the ink tank, which is the recycling path. 3. Viscosity problem. This is related to the solvent, to see if there is a lack of solvent. 4. For clogging problems, cleaning agents need to be used to clean the relevant parts.
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