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Troubleshooting and solutions for UV inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-08

UV cij printers use the characteristics of piezoelectric crystal deformation to spray ink on the surface of moving objects to form a dot matrix to form characters and patterns. The UV inkjet printer is a high-resolution continuous non-contact cij printer. The main printing component-the nozzle, is controlled by 128 or more piezoelectric crystals to control multiple nozzle holes on the nozzle plate. The diameter of the nozzle holes is very high. Small, so most of the failures of the UV inkjet printer appear on the print head.

First, the ink cannot be printed and the font is incomplete

There are two reasons for this type of problem. If the print head driver fails or the ink circuit is blocked, the troubleshooting methods are as follows:

①Check the print head driver circuit to see whether the print head driver board power supply is normal and whether the driver board is working. Whether the main controller sends the signal to the drive board correctly.

②Check whether the pipe joints are loose and cause poor contact and ink leakage; whether the filter is clogged, and clean it; squeeze the ink to see if the positive pressure is normal, if not normal The valve needs to be checked; the pipe joints and ink tubes have been corroded or blocked, and this problem may occur if the ink and cleaning fluid that cannot be used are used; the nozzle has been damaged, and the nozzle needs to be replaced.

Second, there are scattered dots around the printed content

The reasons for this type of problem include slight blockage of the print head, Connect the safety ground wire, the print head is aging or the printing distance is too far, the voltage is too high or the transmission belt is not flat, the troubleshooting methods are as follows:

①Check whether the print head is slightly blocked, if If it is blocked, the ink droplets printed are not straight, so there will be scattered dots around the printed content. In this case, just clean the print head;

②Check if it is connected The safety ground wire, if it is not grounded, there will be scatter phenomenon under the interference of static electricity;

③Check whether the nozzle is aging, the newly purchased machine generally does not appear such If the situation is eliminated, consider whether the printing distance is too long. If it is too long, there will be scattered dots. You can try to shorten the printing distance;

④Check whether the voltage is normal and the nozzle voltage If the printing force is too high, the ink will have scattered dots when printing on harder materials. It is recommended to lower the voltage; or because the product is not transported smoothly on the conveyor belt, the printing is prone to scattered dots. Replace the conveyor belt immediately.

3. The printing fonts are blurry.

The reasons for this kind of problem are that the nozzle is clogged and the printing distance is too long. The safety ground wire is not connected or the main board is faulty.

If the nozzle is clogged, the printing distance is too far, and the safety ground wire is not connected, the factors have been eliminated. Generally, it can be concluded that the printer main board is faulty. Please contact the manufacturer directly.

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