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Troubleshooting for insufficient power of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-02

In industrial production, the output power of laser marking machine may be insufficient. As one of the important coding and marking equipment in this field, it is The role in production and processing cannot be ignored. The failure of the laser marking machine that was originally used normally has insufficient power, which will cause the processing efficiency to decrease or even stagnate.

The troubleshooting methods for insufficient power of the laser marking machine are as follows:

1. Troubleshooting Working current: Check whether the power supply is stable and whether the current reaches the rated working current.

2. Check the optical mirror: check whether the output mirror of the collimator is polluted, if it is polluted, wipe it lightly with absolute ethanol in front of it, and be careful not to scratch the mirror coating . Check whether other optical lenses are contaminated, such as red light beam combiner, galvanometer, and field lens.

3. Check the isolator: check whether the output light of the laser is blocked (make sure that the output end of the isolator and the galvanometer port are on the same horizontal line when installing). Check whether the isolator's light spot is normal (the light spot is round and there is no dark spot).

4. Check the service life: The power of the laser is attenuated after 20,000 hours of use, which is a normal power loss.

5. Check for signal interference: there is a disconnection during the marking process, which is usually caused by signal interference. For this reason, the leads of weak and strong currents cannot be bundled together or run on the same side , The signal wire adopts a signal wire with shielding function; besides, the ground of the power supply is not in good contact.

6. Check the bending of the cable: Check whether the bending of the armor cable is too small.

7. Check marking parameters: Check whether the pulse width frequency has been set within the required range (only for MOPA series).

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