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Troubleshooting method for broken wire of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-02

Laser marking machine is a marking equipment that uses laser beams to make permanent marks on the surface of various substances. The laser marking machine is broken during operation. How to troubleshoot problems? It can be checked from the following aspects: working current, signal interference, laser temperature, and whether the plate contact is good.

1. Check the working current: check whether the power supply is stable and whether the current reaches the rated working current.

2. Check for signal interference: there is a disconnection during the marking process, which is usually caused by signal interference. For this reason, the weak current and strong current leads cannot be bundled together or run on the same side , The signal wire adopts a signal wire with shielding function; besides, the ground of the power supply is not in good contact.

3. Check the temperature of the laser: Check whether the temperature of the laser casing is too high, and the temperature is close to the critical temperature (reference temperature 53°C), and the light will be unstable.

4. Check the board card problem: Check if the board connection is correct and the contact is good. Check whether the 19-pin signal (board card output, control panel input, sampling resistance signal) is normal through an oscilloscope.

Some other failure phenomena of laser marking machine

1. The laser is not powered: check whether the power supply wiring of the laser is correct, Whether +24V and GND are connected reversely, and whether the ground wire is grounded. Check whether the power cord is in good contact.

2. Abnormal light spot of the isolator: confirm whether the output light spot of the isolator is normal (the light spot is round and there is no dark spot).

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