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Troubleshooting method for laser marking machine failure without light

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-02

The laser marking machine uses different lasers to strike the laser beam on the surface of a variety of different materials. The surface material is physically or chemically changed through light energy. So as to engrave the marking equipment of permanent marks such as patterns, trademarks and texts. The troubleshooting method for laser marking machine failure without light is as follows:

1. Troubleshooting power supply: Check whether the power supply wiring of the laser is correct, whether +24V, GND are connected reversely, and the ground wire Is it grounded? Whether the power supply of the laser is normal. Check whether the power supply meets the actual power supply requirements under no-load and loaded (with the laser) state.

2. Check the board: Whether the signals of PIN18 and PIN19 are normal. Whether the power supply of the marking card is normal, and whether the signal of the control laser is normal.

3. Troubleshoot the emergency switch: Check whether the emergency stop switch (PIN23 pin) of the device is normal (when the laser is working, the signal is high).

4. Check the marking software: whether the software settings are correct. Use the software laser test function to observe if there is a light spot coming out. Use the debugging software to test the laser and observe the parameters.

5. Check the DB25 signal: to guide whether the light signal is in the low level state in the marking state. If in the marking state, the guided light signal is low (PIN22 pin is '0' level), if the guided light signal is high ('1' level), the laser will give priority to output the guided light. Check whether the wiring of the DB25-pin serial port of the laser is correctly wired according to the wiring definition.

6. Check the red light signal: If the red light signal is high, it will give priority to the red light output. (If it is a built-in red light laser, you can judge whether the laser light path is normal by detecting whether there is red light output).

7. Check the isolator: confirm whether the isolator's light spot is normal (the light spot is round and there is no dark spot).

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