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Trunk printer: planned to travel, whether you are a special custom luggage ready? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-11
Autumn is a good time to travel. Love to play if you are ready to plan to travel? I wonder if you ready good-looking and extremely rich individual character of the luggage? Go out so many things, how can no one suitcase! Too ordinary box needs to be alert to prevent wrong baggage, so a custom luggage is very use. Can easily travel not only, still can put some travel to buy souvenirs and hands, and so on. Suitcase on the market are generally the same, don't have much choice, not only general appearance, and easy to bump luggage with other people, especially without meaning. This year has a special technology is emerging, using trunk printer can print directly in trunk surface to custom design. Looks good and characteristics, and your choice of custom design, give you more choice! We all know that the height of the common pull rod bags are not low, usually, 19 - 27 cm. So this will require a higher version of the printer to match. Bag printer you're worth it! Not only the machine covers an area of small, convenient custom; Operation is simple, easy-to-use, and printing of high precision, high speed! So how to operate used machine to customize the bags? 1. Do want to print the images, set the size of the print image, into a printable format. 2. The height of the laser printing machine to print, put the suitcase on the platform area of the printer 3. Will be in the picture of a PC control system of printer, can be printed. Is playing is dry, very simple speed. Please refer the hotline: miss Chen, 13265335569
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