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by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-06

The two-dimensional code can be widely used in food, daily chemical, electronics and other industries for marking by cij printers, and has achieved considerable results in the reading rate. Two-dimensional codes have become popular, and are currently widely used in these areas: identification, mainly for the production of some business cards. Netease also recently launched a QR code business card to facilitate recording. Quick recognition. Product traceability, basic information of some products, and current logistics use QR codes for logistics tracking. Electronic ticketing, movie tickets, and attraction tickets are customized using QR codes, eliminating the time for queuing to buy tickets and checking tickets, making it paperless and environmentally friendly. E-commerce applications include two-dimensional code delivery, two-dimensional code coupons, etc. Recently, two-dimensional code shopping has also appeared on some posters. Other entertainment applications, including some advertisements, links to music video pictures, are added to the QR code, which can be downloaded after identification.

Many cij printer manufacturers are optimistic about the development prospects of QR codes and have begun to develop inkjet codes for printing QR codes Equipment, that is, a QR code printer. The two-dimensional code printer sprays a two-dimensional code on the surface of the product. With the development of two-dimensional codes, the demand for two-dimensional code inkjet printers is also increasing. The two-dimensional code printer is a multi-purpose machine, which can print Chinese and English codes, one-dimensional codes, databases, garbled codes, etc.

The inkjet printer needs to break through the QR code printing technology

Experts said that the application of QR codes has made many printer manufacturers optimistic about their development prospects, and manufacturers have begun to develop and produce coding equipment and application equipment related to QR codes. Of course, it will take a relatively long time for the QR code to be widely used and popularized.

The QR code is inseparable from the inkjet printer industry. It is the general trend to apply QR codes to various physical products, and cij printers are currently the hottest marking equipment. As a medium, inkjet printers assign product information to the product itself in the form of a QR code, which is the most realistic and economical and convenient identification. means. In the next few years, the world will enter the era of QR codes, which means that the inkjet printer industry will gain better development space. For the current inkjet printer industry, inkjet printer manufacturing technology will usher in a new revolution.

The use of two-dimensional codes will make the technology of the sign industry need to be further improved. For the cij printer, an important marking device, the printing of two-dimensional codes is no longer a problem. The important thing is to speed up the work speed and quality of the inkjet printer. At present, the high-end models in the industry have good inkjet printing effects for QR codes, and the recognition rate of QR codes can reach 70%~90%. However, for the broad application market of QR codes in the future, the inkjet printer technology needs to overcome Difficulties and technological breakthroughs still have a long way to go.

QR code is increasingly becoming the new favorite of logos

The development of QR codes can be described as mushrooms after the rain. In recent years, it can be described as sweeping the identification content of multiple products in different industries including food, electronics, and daily chemicals. It also occupies an important position in the marketing and promotion of commodities. On the one hand, the interaction between enterprises and users has been strengthened, and on the other hand, under the general environment of social technological development, the reading of QR codes has become convenient and fast, making the second Dimension code has increasingly become the new favorite of logos.

The support of inkjet printers for QR codes has also become an important topic, and this technical topic has made a major breakthrough to a certain extent. In view of the large amount of information that the two-dimensional code can carry in its small size, and its functions such as anti-fouling and anti-counterfeiting far exceed the common barcodes in one-dimensional codes. Two-dimensional code can become an important member of the product safety traceability system of relevant national departments, and it can carry the major task of establishing product safety. It is also popular.

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