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Two-dimensional code marketing helps companies win the new era of marketing

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-31

In the era of mobile Internet, the use of QR codes has entered millions of households. 'Scan by car, Technology changes the future'. In the fierce market competition, in order to adapt to the development of the times and want to win the new era of marketing, the application of QR code marketing in enterprises is bound to be a development trend.

Article 42 of my country’s newly revised 'Food Safety Law' stipulates that the state shall establish a food safety traceability system. Food producers and operators shall establish a food safety traceability system in accordance with the provisions of this law to ensure food safety Traceable. Regardless of market demand or national policies, it can be seen that the future development of QR code marketing and the application prospects of enterprises are very impressive. Next, let's learn about the 4 major benefits of enterprise QR code marketing.

1. Build corporate brand and enhance corporate image. Today is the information age. More than 90% of people's information comes from the Internet. Network information has the advantages of fast update, fast dissemination, and freedom from space constraints, and can be pushed to potential customers as soon as possible. With the help of the two-dimensional code marketing platform, enterprises can quickly push the good image of the company to customers, and enhance customers' recognition of the company's brand.

2. Expand offline traffic and tap potential customers. People’s thinking habits are what they need, first go to the Internet and search through keywords to find the content they want. Companies provide products with one item and one code, allowing consumers to trace product information by scanning the QR code. We can increase consumer stickiness in various forms such as scanning code to send points, login to send points, and red envelopes. Continue to attract consumers to accumulate points, exchange points to redeem products, allow consumers to continuously interact with companies, and achieve a virtuous circle of offline drainage and online marketing.

3. Establish corporate reputation and increase visibility. Forwarding and sharing through the QR code will increase more potential customers, and it is a good way for customers to inspect the company in the early stage by scanning the code. With the help of the QR code marketing platform, enterprises can establish their brand image and allow consumers to understand the enterprise more intuitively. Consumers can also interact with the enterprise by commenting on products, leaving messages, and online consultation, etc., and get feedback from users. For one thing, it can continuously improve itself and help users improve service quality; the other is it can help users better understand product quality. In the two-dimensional code marketing process, it attracts more consumers' attention, establishes corporate reputation, and thus enhances corporate reputation.

Fourth, small body, great use. Shop or factory space is limited. All products need not only occupy space to display, but also need to arrange related professionals to introduce products. However, the QR code can have a lot of space to put the product, and it can also show all the features and advantages of the product to consumers. Let consumers know more about the products and services of the company, reflect the professionalism of the company, and enhance the trust between the company and its customers.

The two-dimensional code marking mainly tests the stability of the inkjet printer, including the ink and nozzle, the positioning of the printed object, and the size of the ink dot.

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