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Types and application industries of automatic inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-26

Fully automatic cij printer is an online type that is controlled by software and uses non-contact methods to print numbers, text, patterns and other identification content on the surface of various objects. Intelligent electromechanical equipment can be classified into automatic ink jet printers and automatic laser jet printers according to consumables, and can be classified into small character cij printers, laser inkjet printers, large character inkjet printers, and thermal transfer inkjet printers according to their uses. Printer and high-resolution inkjet printer.

1. Small character inkjet printer application

It is the CIJ inkjet printer, which uses the ink The dots deviate from the normal flight path and are shot on the surface of the target printed matter to form a dot matrix, thereby forming characters, numbers or graphics. Small characters are mainly used for simple digital coding such as production date and batch number, such as printing production date on beverage bottle caps. Application industries include food, beverages, daily necessities, medicine, building materials, pipe industry, machinery, electronics, wires, cables and other industries .

2. Laser marking machine application

The laser marking machine uses software to deflect the laser beam and uses the laser High temperature directly burns the surface of the product to be marked to form fonts or patterns. Laser marking machines have a wide range of applications. Most metal products will choose to use laser marking machines to engrave characters and patterns. The application industries include hardware, auto parts, jewelry, clocks, ceramics, electronics and other industries.

3. Large character inkjet printer application

The principle of the large-character inkjet printer is completely different from that of the small-character inkjet printer. The ink ejection method is to use each individual valve to control the switch. If it is a 7-point sprinkler head, there are 7 independent valves to control the printing of larger fonts, which are generally used on outer boxes, outer packaging or large objects, and are mainly used in the packaging and printing industry.

4. Thermal transfer inkjet printer application

When the ribbon is placed on the inkjet print head and is assigned Between coded products, the inkjet print head will move a certain distance on the ribbon and the surface of the product at the same time. It mainly prints content on flexible packaging films and labels, and is usually only used in the packaging and printing industry.

5. Application of high-resolution inkjet printer

In principle, it belongs to the DOD (Ink on Demand) inkjet printer. Ink technology, the ink is not recycled, and the ink density is always the same. High-resolution inkjet printers include UV inkjet printers and thermal foam inkjet printers, do not need to add thinner (solvent), the operating cost is lower than CIJ inkjet printers. High-resolution UV inkjet printers mainly print high-precision content, such as high-quality two-dimensional codes, barcodes, traceability codes, UDI codes, anti-counterfeiting codes, etc., which are widely used in food, medicine, daily chemicals, label printing, card making, Packaging and printing, medical, electronics, hardware and other industries.

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