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Types and differences of co2 laser marking machines?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-24

Types and differences of marking machines?

Laser marking machines use lasers to mark permanent surfaces on a variety of different raw materials. The actual effect of the marking is to expose the underlying raw materials based on the volatilization of surface chemicals, and then hand-carve beautiful pictures, logos and texts. At this stage, the marking machines used in the sales market are mainly divided into the following key categories:

1. Optical fiber marking machine

The optical fiber marking machine uses a fiber laser generator. The fiber laser generator has the characteristics of small size (no water-free equipment, evaporative cooling), excellent light quality (basic principle) and maintenance-free.

It is mainly used for: plastics, electronic devices, metal materials, porcelain, cigarettes and other raw materials to mark and engrave the required text, graphics, barcodes and other graphics.

Types and differences of marking machines

2, UV marking machine

UV marking machine is Developed and designed with a 355nm UV laser generator. The 355UV has a very small focus point, which can greatly reduce the deformation of the mechanical equipment of raw materials, and has little harm to the heat generated in production and processing. The key is used for companies that have high regulations on commodities such as text and graphics.

3. Semiconductor material marking machine

The key application field is the same as that of optical fiber marking machine, but with the increasingly fierce market demand, the technical development of optical fiber lines has become more and more sooner. Semiconductor material marking machines on the market have been slowly replaced by optical fiber marking machines.

4. CO2 marking machine

CO2 marking machine is mainly used in places that must be more precise and more precise, such as food, medicine, leather products, cigarettes, wood Non-metallic materials such as furniture and electronic devices. The actual effect of the mark is more exquisite and beautiful than the actual effect of ink printing and cij printer packaging printing.

5. End pump marking machine

Inner hole marking machine uses a solid laser generator pumped by a semiconductor material laser generator as the pump light source, and according to the optical fiber line The coupling is coupled from the inner hole to the laser crystal. The pump light enters the gain value material to recombine the cavity at a large level, and then the laser output with high power and high light quality can be obtained.

The key application areas are also the same as the optical fiber marking machine, its characteristics are similar to the optical fiber marking machine, but its Z high value output power is higher.

Types and differences of marking machines

6, emerald marking machine

key Used for surface and internal marking of laminated glass and crystal products, porcelain, metal materials, electronic devices, plastics and other commodities. It belongs to the category of cold light lamps, and is also suitable for products with high thermal response and high precision.

7. Navigation marking machine

It is a dynamic marking function developed and designed on the basis of the several types of marking machines. It is mainly used in assembly lines. It can be used in product labeling for 360 days without limitation. It also has the ability to automatically generate serial and production lot numbers, further enhancing the company. productivity.

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