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UDI inkjet printer types and application advantages

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-09

UDI inkjet printer, that is, the unique identification inkjet printer for medical devices, is a coding device designed to assign codes to products such as medical devices. Good UDI cij printer equipment should meet the UDI coding needs of various special packaging such as packaging boxes, paper, labels, cards, plastic bags, aluminum foil bags, glass, and metal.

On January 1, 2021, the country will start the implementation of the first batch of unique identifications for medical devices. Local regulatory authorities have successively formulated general requirements for the retrospective implementation of medical devices and unique identifications for medical devices. (UDI) and the traceability system construction work began to enter the standardization stage. The UDI code will become the 'electronic ID card' of medical devices, running through all links of the production, circulation and use of medical devices, and boosting the management of the entire life cycle of medical devices.

It can be seen that for medical device manufacturers, UDI codes and other marks are extremely important. UDI code is a code composed of numbers or letters (usually GS1 code). The coding equipment that meets the needs of UDI code printing includes thermal foam inkjet printers, laser inkjet printers and UV inkjet printers.

1. Thermal foaming cij printer

The nozzle of thermal foaming inkjet printer adopts semiconductor film technology, The laser process and high-precision deep-layer technology form a number of extremely small nozzle holes. These nozzle holes are arranged in high density. The inkjet is energized and heated by the thin film resistor, so that the ink produces countless tiny bubbles, which are gathered into large bubbles at a very fast speed. And expand, forcing ink droplets to eject from the nozzle; when the resistor is without voltage, it stops heating and no ink droplets are ejected. The initial investment cost is low, and clear bar codes, two-dimensional codes, and patterns can be printed on a variety of materials, which is easy to maintain. However, the cost of consumables in mass production is extremely high, and the adhesion is poor, and it is easy to be erased.

2. Laser coding equipment

The laser marking machine uses software to control the deflection of the laser beam and uses the laser The surface of the product to be marked is directly burned at high temperature or the molecular chain of the substance is interrupted by laser to form text or pattern. The laser marking machine does not require frequent replacement of consumables, is environmentally friendly and the mark is permanently difficult to be tampered with, but the laser may damage the surface of the product, and the marking speed is slow when the content is large, which cannot meet the demand for high-quality UDI codes.

3, UV coding equipment

UV spray The printer refers to the piezoelectric inkjet printer that uses UV ink to print. Its working principle is the same as that of the piezoelectric cij printer. Using the characteristic of piezoelectric crystal deformation, the UV ink jet falls on the surface of the moving object. Form a dot matrix to form characters and patterns. Both UV inkjet printers and thermal foam cij printers belong to high-resolution inkjet printers. In terms of printing quality, UV cij printers have better effects, high adhesion, and higher definition. The cost of consumables is higher than that of thermal foam cij printers. The cij printer is much lower, suitable for large-scale mass production.

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