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Understand the development of the pneumatic marking machine industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-06

Understand the development of the pneumatic marking machine industry

Technology is a productive force, which is more prominently illustrated in the new era. If the technology is backward, it is impossible to have a strong production capacity, and the low productivity will often increase the cost and reduce the competitiveness of the product. Thus affecting the development of enterprises. As a result, a bad cycle is formed, which gradually causes the production enterprises to suffer losses, and finally leads to bankruptcy and closure.

Pneumatic marking machine technology has been used in China for decades. This marking equipment has greatly improved the production capacity and marking effect, and has been widely used in various industries. The use of metal marking by pneumatic marking machine, the marking effect is good and the efficiency is very good. For the marking technology, the earliest method is manual operation. Specifically, the characters that need to be marked are first made of the font, which is usually called the prefix, and then the method of manual tapping is used to directly impact the product with the prefix. Mark the characters. It is conceivable that such a marking will not be effective and efficient, but it requires a lot of manual labor. With the emergence of pneumatic marking technology, pneumatic marking machine equipment is gradually applied to various industrial products. Pneumatic marking machine uses compressed gas as the driving force to make the metal needle impact on the surface of the product to form characters. This method adopts advanced computer control, which can easily input and change the marking content, and can actually achieve stable and long-term marking.

my country's marking machine industry started late. After decades of development, my country's marking machine equipment has made great progress in all aspects. At present, my country is engaged in the manufacturing of marking machine equipment. There are thousands of enterprises, but the fly in the ointment is that most of these marking machine enterprises in my country are small and medium-sized enterprises and do not have large-scale production. Compared with foreign marking machines, my country's marking machine enterprises still need to make greater efforts.

The industry started late. After decades of development, my country's marking machine equipment has made great progress in all aspects. At present, there are many enterprises engaged in marking machine equipment manufacturing in our car. Thousands of different marking equipment flood the market, resulting in fierce market competition. Facing the pressure of competition, many manufacturers adopt informal methods. On the one hand, they lower the quality standards of equipment to reduce production costs to reduce the price of equipment, and use low prices as a temptation to win more users to buy. The way of sacrifice is easy to cause problems with the equipment, and the production of the marking machine cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, users will be deceived and lost. Therefore, the price of the pneumatic marking machine is not as low as possible. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The actual sacrifice of the low price is the quality and performance of the product. If users only recognize the low price, they can only be fooled by themselves. The low-priced marking machine not only has poor performance, quality cannot be guaranteed, but also cannot have good after-sales service, which means delaying production and losing costs.

The quality and performance of the equipment and the after-sales service guarantee are the key points for choosing a pneumatic marking machine. First of all, the equipment you choose must be able to meet the marking requirements, and the quality is reliable, and the regular manufacturers produce, can There is quality assurance. Then negotiate further on the price to strive for the lowest price to buy, so that the performance of the pneumatic marking machine can be fully utilized, and it can be used to mark products and provide long-term productivity for the production of enterprises.

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