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Universal flat-panel printers and uv flat-panel printers make - suction platform

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-24
The first thing to know what is universal flat-panel printers suction platform, what is the role in the production. Suction platform is simply a cooperate flat-panel printers use jig, in order to make the material need to print ( Generally is relatively soft material such as paper, leather, wafer, plastic film, etc. ) More stable and smooth coverage on printer platform, simplify the operation difficulty and improve the effect of printing device. Suction platform making what are the commonly used materials: make suction platform can find a nearby hardware store or mold processing factory production, the structure is not complicated, need a suction pump, and the drilling platform box, box platform can be plastic, metal, wood, etc. Why flat-panel printers equipped with suction platform: not all flat-panel printers need to install the suction platform, basically be to see you what kind of products, if you print paper, leather, plastic and other lightweight easy to deformation of the material, you need to use suction platform to fixed products, so that the printing effect is improved, operation more convenient. In the flat laser printing machine industry has business 20 years, is the earliest domestic enterprises engaged in flat-panel printers research and development, its product quality is stable, high-definition printing effect, the market get the praise and recognition, recommend you to understand. Rendering display: uv flat-panel printers suction platform suction platform for uv flat-panel printer uv flat-panel printers suction platform suction platform of uv flat-panel printers
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