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by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-16

Do you remember how to use the printer? You said you use it every day, do you remember those little details? Recall with me that you just connected the printer

When you came home, the instructions you saw, in addition to the keyboard you use every day, you also Do you remember how to see if the baby of the printer is sick?

1. Turn on

Turn on the charging failure in the system, turn on the top There are ink dot value, charging failure, nozzle failure, turn off the charging failure and nozzle failure, and turn on the standby mode! If you click the wrong one, please exit.

2. Cleaning

Every time after turning on the machine, it must be cleaned before turning off (Note: turning on and off refers to the power supply )

3. Edit printing information.

(1) Edit the printing information. If you want to input English, just press the keyboard below. When you want to input Chinese characters, you need to press FN. For information, enter the manufacturer’s name, specifications, model, and voltage in sequence. The meter counter is the easiest thing to forget. Here is another reminder, in the input After the voltage has passed, press the F2 key, and then

press the arrow keys to select and press the confirm key when you see the meter counter at the bottom. After adding the meter counter, add the meter unit M to uppercase, and adjust the character size to 9 type. This is the information you need to print. It should be written. Hold down the SHIFT key and press the F1 key to complete,

(2) Looking back, when you write a good message, you may need to print the message you wrote, Look at the screen and press the F2 key to find the name of the information you have written. After you select it, press the confirm

key to confirm.

This is the general use of the cij printer. The focus is on cleaning. Only when it is turned on and cleaned before shutting down, the cij printer is a very durable electronic product. /p>

If you don’t follow the instructions, you may see a repairman frequently.

Through the introduction of the editor, I wonder if you have noticed the small details of the printer's use? The cij printer only provides high-quality cij printers. If you buy our cij printers, you can contact our official customer service at any time to provide you with the most professional after-sales service. Remember to pay attention to it all the time, the editor will push the articles about the printer from time to time.

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