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Use invisible ink to strengthen anti-counterfeiting measures

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-31
In today's social competitive environment, both the protection of property rights and the protection of patents require manufacturers to work hard on these aspects. There are many anti-counterfeiting methods, and the cost varies. Let's discuss the benefits of using anti-counterfeiting invisible ink from the field of identification. Compared with other anti-counterfeiting methods, anti-counterfeiting inkjet printers use anti-counterfeiting invisible ink to prevent counterfeiting. The use of anti-counterfeiting invisible ink is one of good hiding properties; easy to operate and low cost; it is also very convenient for later inspection; various color changes; and strong reproducibility. Simply put, through professional anti-counterfeiting invisible inks, anti-counterfeiting inkjet printers can complete the task of invisible marking on the production line. Later, the marking can be realized online through specific conditions, and it can be applied to signs and packaging including tickets and trademarks. superior. The anti-counterfeiting invisible ink is printed on the product through the anti-counterfeiting cij printer. There are not too many additional steps in itself. It only needs to be carried out according to the original operation rhythm. The cost is mainly concentrated on the invisible ink cost and the anti-counterfeiting cij printer. Anti-counterfeiting cij printers can also print invisible barcodes. When scanning, invisible barcodes need to pass through a scanning gun with a specific light to read its content. Of course, the solution of printing invisible barcodes is also invisible to the naked eye.
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