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Use laser to spurt the code machine in shenzhen need to pay attention to? _ laser printing machine - shenzhen

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-25
Products manufactured after needs packaging, but also need to spurt the cij printer is used to spurt the code on the package, so, the finished product is the real production. Laser printing machine is designed for products to spurt the code equipment, spraying the code oil embellish uneven shades of light and won't happen. So, what will you pay attention to in the use of high-quality laser to spurt the cij printer? 1. Pay attention to check the content after printing can't wipe to spurt the code changes, and in production are batch to spurt the code, once the content errors can cause a loss. Using laser to cij printer, therefore, it is important to note that when will be ready to spurt the code content carefully check good, later confirmed to be able to enter the printing process. 2. Attention and eye laser laser marking machine at the time of printing, equipment in a laser beam, a laser beam is known to all of our eye tissues can cause irreversible damage, therefore, the staff in the operation of the laser to spurt the cij printer, it is important to note that can't let this post work personnel to operate equipment, and this duty personnel at the time of operation also should pay attention to avoid and a laser beam to the eye so as not to cause harm to the eye tissues. 3. Lens should pay attention to maintenance for laser printing equipment, the lens is one of important optical components, therefore, when using a laser to spurt the code machine, not only to make laser emission system and power supply and maintenance, but also pay attention to maintain good pictures, not only to avoid hard friction, but also pay attention to keep clean, to avoid the lens are polluted by all kinds of dust and debris, and don't appear lens dewing phenomenon. In order to be able to better to spurt the code of products, also in order to be able to let the laser laser marking machine equipment have a longer time, everyone in the operating quality assurance of laser to cij printer, it is important to note that check to spurt the code content, but also to maintain good lens of the laser to cij printer, and avoid and operate with the laser beam in the eye.
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