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Use the ink to spurt the code machine consumables note do you really know?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-26
Use the ink to cij printer consumables note do you really know? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2018 - 8 - Browse 27 0

we all know that the use of any a spurt the code machine is inseparable from the ink supplies, ink laser marking machine is not complete, can't complete the need of want to play with, when cij printer ink is in a state of stagnation of the strike, the efficiency of production and processing plays a decisive role, but we all know that the ink is corrosive, many of them are used the keto group or alcohol based ink, is mostly acetone, alcohol, such as cleaning fluids to the human body skin, eyes and respiratory tract place will bring great impact, so in this remind you of businesses when using spurt the cij printer consumables industry, we should pay attention to the following:

1. ink contain volatile and easily be inhaled lung, must ensure that the good ventilation, avoid by all means under the environment of enclosed printing work, at the same time to remind employees wear masks.

2。 Careless in the process of use if ink drips into eyes, rinse with plenty of water quickly a quarter of an hour, can't delay, if still feel discomfort after cleaning needs to go to the hospital in time.

3。 If the burned out fuse of the spurt the code machine, please be sure to replace a fuse of the same specification, if conditions allow the best contact suppliers, to suppliers maintenance, avoid by all means replacing different specifications of the fuse, causing unnecessary damage.

4。 In large enterprise of electrical equipment such as cable factory, should be prepared to ups uninterruptible power supply, prevent the spurt the code machine work is not stable, the power supply damaged.

5。 and other equipment, it is to rely on the principle of the electrostatic deflection, so be sure to good grounding; If bad grounding, electrostatic accumulated to a certain extent may produce a spark that fire; Bad earth may cause ink division is bad, poor print quality problems, so use spurt the code machine must be grounded.

6。 Any used cleaning materials, is a fire hazard. Wipe with tissue paper, etc, for example, after use must be timely recovery and use a safe method for processing, avoid by all means is everywhere disorderly throw and away from the fire and Mars, reduce the security hidden danger.

7。 consumable chemicals are flammable and explosive, so in the using process, must pay attention to prevent fire, fire is very terrible can cause huge losses to the enterprise.

8。 ink contains nitrocellulose as adhesive, so when dry flammability is very high, and the combustion will produce oxygen, so fire had better adopt the method of cooling, such as water is a good choice.

9。 Water may not put out a fire caused by electrical appliances, if you have to put out a fire caused by such as nitrocellulose ink with water, you must disconnect the power supply.

all in all, purchase any ink consumable materials need to pay attention to the security hidden danger, news reports related to time each year, and cause the cause of the event are not value due to the businessman, are a few small details. So in this remind you merchants, be sure to follow the appeal of the matters mentioned when in use, not to mention should also pay more attention to myself.

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