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Used in the sign industry spurt the code machine can reduce the cost of paper label

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-22
In the sign industry use spurt the code machine can reduce the cost of paper label source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2019 - 3 - 14 browsing: 0

before the spurt the code machine is not widespread, most businesses for commodity labeling information is in the form of paper label, the use of paper label is not only there are not environmental protection, and its cost is high. Paper label on it needs to be identified artificial, increased the artificial cost, but also reduce the efficiency of production. And the emergence of the spurt the code machine for most sign industry merchants have solved the problem of the high cost of paper label cost, and spurt the cij printer use can bring greater efficiency for businesses. Below is a brief analysis of the spurt the code machine fenma and paste paper label on the cost of contrast:

tag cost at least ten times higher than printing cost. For example: 3 mm (on a transformer Word) Big power voltage identification, small label a need for 6 cents, large label to more than 1 MAO, spurt the code machine spurts India only need 4 - 5 mile. The speed of labeling at least five times slower than the speed of code above. For example: each stick a label to hand the poster of choose and employ persons, and post the well need to slowly to spurt the code machine, just need to put the products on assembly line and assembly line can drive more fast, how fast cij printer can spray, spray the effect is better than the effect of the label. Label need to manually, spurt the code machine does not need to manually, automatic spray print all the way, can save labor, and many enterprises are now facing a difficult to dismiss workers and staff is bad management, spurt the code machine can solve the problem completely. Label must be labeled after printing first, price is high, the fastest to wait for half a day to do a label ( A portion of the operating process label is wasted) To spurt the code machine only need to enter the characters want to spray of the operating system, do not need any fees, time only need a minute, like mobile phones to send information is simple, can be produced. Label ( Affix one's seal) Stick up, build up the identity, easy to tear, erase, which is unfavorable for the tracking management of product, the more important is the product upgrades will not come up, is not conducive to enterprise brand publicity, and spurt the code machine spray printing effect, spray printing up is not easy to erase ( Except special) , more important is conducive to tracking and managing products, improve product class, is advantageous to the company's brand promotion. According to the daily production two thousand transformer, printing can save the fee of $100 a day, a month can save the cost of 3000 yuan, can save 36000 yuan a year. In addition, now recruitment difficult, is the enterprise widespread problem, cij printer can help company save labor costs.

through the comparison of the appeal is not hard to find, at present the use of paper label has been unable to meet the needs of manufacturers for commodity label processing, at the same time brought by the paper label cost is relatively high, the use of the spurt the cij printer will gradually replace the use of paper label, at the same time, there will be more and more businesses use spurt the code machine in processing on preference. In the field of small characters of machine have years of experience for many years, high quality, best service, to help manufacturers has many successful cases of cost savings. In the era of rapid development of science and technology of modern industrial production, printing clearly is a wise choice.

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