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Using a laser marking machine commodity production date of batch number can be permanently marked on the outer packing

by:LEAD TECH      2020-10-04

now most of the consumers in shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, store, a store to buy goods of time more or less will choose to check the goods packaging, as suggested by the production date is when, at the moment what is its shelf life, especially for some food, yogurt, bread, short shelf life of products such as consumers will choose to view the first buying. Maybe before this kind of phenomenon is not common, consumers will not be too concerned about this kind of problem, but as the food safety problems and the emergence of all kinds of dishonest merchants, let consumers have to pay attention to its psychological, so using a laser marking machine in print production date, the goods will be also necessary steps.

the so-called commodity production date is the on the production line has done all the work procedure, and tested in the packaging market oriented the date and time, and in the national standard GB 7718 - 2004 the general rules of pre-packaged food labels, date of production of goods to clear definition: 'food be the date of the final product. Now a lot of enterprise businesses are gradually moving goods production date production batch number want to combine with the product. Good production than effectively to tracking of goods, can avoid mixed between goods and commodities. Like earlier vaccine events, when the goods appear problem, can effectively help the departments concerned to later tracking, goods so commodity production date and batch number are indispensable one, need to give consumers a quick view of the condition.

many producers have found that we use the traditional way of printing mark will be influenced by external factors, just time does not affect the printed in the frontal view, and print production date and batch number are clear, but I don't know why some goods information becomes fuzzy, and even can't see. Not only brings to the consumer, and at the same time when this batch of goods problems, the relevant departments of the track also caused a certain influence, and the traditional printing is easy to change the identity of the form, does not have permanent nor convenient consumers follow-up review again. When consumer is buying may not always remember what is the date of goods, especially for some drugs, articles for daily use, such as snacks, therefore permanent tag is particularly important.

using a laser laser laser marking machine can ensure goods outer packing mark has permanent, laser marking machine adopts the advanced laser technology, laser technology produced by the marking effect is far better than the traditional printing technology of spray effect is much better, and it is in use process completely don't need to use the material, also need not worry completely will be influenced by outside factors have led to the commodity packaging production date, production batch number and other information has become blurred. And for any kind of need tag number of commodity production date, production can be used for the laser laser laser marking machine, its variety, wide range, can make commodity packaging information more intuitive to show in front of consumers, make consumer is buying choice more decisive choice.

all in all, whether it is a fire extinguisher, bread, milk, snack foods, cosmetics, household items, or other uncommon commodity is marking machine can use laser technology to realize the date of production batch number tags, the existence of any goods cannot leave the production date and batch number, and laser marking machine for commodity production date and batch number is a good helper, also is the indispensable one of equipment on the production line.
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