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Using a laser marking machine for Coca-Cola appears more novel and unique

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-09-30

said Coca-Cola believes that the vast majority of consumers and businesses are no stranger, although we may not know when Coca-Cola was born, but we must know the Coca Cola is a big brand, at the same time, Coca-Cola's annual sales can almost ranks the top three in the world, is one of the many consumers will choose brand drinks. Since 1886, Coca-Cola was born in the United States has brought infinite joy to our lives, it sponsored the various games held in China, such as the Olympic Games, paralympic games, the world expo, the special Olympics, youth Olympic Games, and other public welfare education career promotion and development. This is why relative to the Pepsi, consumers are more willing to choose one of the reasons for Coca-Cola.

in the past we buy Coca-Cola will find that the bottle is just shows some information about the Coca-Cola logo and brand in both Chinese and English, there are some basic information such as raw materials, turnning exists, does not appear other interesting information. Now we go to buy a bottle of cans of Coca-Cola will find that it has some interesting words, the use of laser marking machine printed text and increase of the fun of the broad masses of consumers. Such as some 'meow star', 'natural' stay, 'Grosvenor LTD shuai', etc. Some of the more popular network language, or is according to the specific related festival or activities and special design, etc. , let the consumer feel the fun of them.

each commodity is the progress and development, so is a coke. The outer packing logo, design, text changes can bring consumers more fun. So how can these logo should be quick in coke's reality out on the package? Using a laser marking machine, a technology now can't adopt traditional carving technology? The development of the society must be forward-looking, impossible not to accept new things. Laser marking machine related products are mainly introduced foreign advanced technology of laser marking code. Are able to do precise marking, because of its simple operation page, and the performance of the machine is good, businesses need to let the designer will only need to print words on the bottle or the design well, laser marking machine products that can support a variety of different formats, making it easy for users to design according to their habits.

so Coca-Cola use laser marking machine to play mark characteristic has the following a few small points:

1, the general case for canned Coca-Cola we can choose to optical fiber laser marking machine or a desktop with ultraviolet laser marking machine, do not recommend using co2 laser marking machine. And bottled class Coca-Cola also does not need to directly on the bottle label.

2, laser marking, belong to the assignment of non-contact processing code, marking speed and precision, belong to the environmental marking, non-toxic, no pollution.

3, whether figures, Chinese characters or in English characters, laser marking machine can do precise marking, and mark the identity of the play has a permanent, not be affected by external factors.

4, just need to design good logo directly import marking machine operation in the page can be marking, operation is simple and easy to get started.

5, can directly use in the production of coke.

6, in addition to the appeal of graphic, logo, Chinese and English characters, such as identification marking, also can undertake production date, validity, bar code, the qr code, serial number, such as certification logo engraving.

all in all, the big brands like Coca Cola for goods using a laser marking machine adds some interesting information to interact with consumers, invisible, can let the consumer a good impression, also can appear is more novel and unique, Coca-Cola than before more can bring rival invisible pressure. Of course, related industries is also can be for reference.
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