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Using a laser marking machine information on the film of face of goods marking code

by:LEAD TECH      2020-10-09

with the constant improvement of the quality of people's living standard, people no longer satisfied with food and clothing problems exist alone, also constantly improve on other aspects of demand, such as facial maintenance problems. Exist a lot of people think that only girls like beauty, so the maintenance knowledge girl should be concerned about the problem, but this is not the case, there are many male friends for this will be particularly pay attention to. We often wonder why those stars on TV so good skin? There is basic skin care, every day, for example, is the most common star one day at least apply a mask, some even two.

actually mask just hairdressing maintains a carrier, is also one of the most simple and convenient, we apply face film can also do other things, such as: reading, chase play, play phone, play games, work, etc. To mask the most simple maintain article there when I was in the tang dynasty, with the continuous development of society, face film is also becoming more and more diverse variety. There are many different type, style, not only functions of mask, also there are many different brands exist at the same time, to satisfy the diversified consumer demand. Merchants in the production of the mask when necessary without marking some related information, so as to give consumers a better safeguard, let consumers at ease to use.

for different goods we need to choose to use different laser marking machine to implement the commodity code, so for maintain article of the mask should choose what kind of laser laser laser marking machine? We mask goods to get to know what kind of packing type are there, one of the most common is necessarily the mask bags, most of the brands will have bagged the mask, the second is the mask box class several bags of class five and ten of in accordance with the rules in the box, moreover is the material such as glass or plastic cans class mask, adopting the not pieces but daub type. For these types of mask we can choose to use co2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, or ultraviolet laser marking machine.

this film of face of several types of material are not use metal material for packaging, so is the ability to use the co2, if there is a metal packaging is not able to use co2 laser machine design. With uv and optical fiber can be used on metal and nonmetal material, only the marking effect of ultraviolet more delicate can meet the high demand high standards. For facial mask goods merchants generally openings or pincer-like device with relevant production date, number, certificate or information such as anti-counterfeiting code, in order to respect consumer can easily find want to want to view information.

it is only limited to digital class identification marking? The answer is no, in addition to the digital type, for character, English, logo, design, and other information is also can hit targets. Mask is belong to one of the cosmetics, therefore the laser printer is also can be performed in other various cosmetics products laser marking code, wei with rapid laser marking machine is gaining recognition in the cosmetics industry, has become one of their key partners.

all in all, the use of laser marking machine is able to meet the demand of cosmetic industry diversification of marking, in order to solve different cosmetics goods identification information assigned a code problem, at the same time for commodity quality and shelf life of the problem can be solved, allowing users to use and buy more at ease.
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