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Using a laser marking machine is complete silicone products logo printing

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-16

there are customer said: 'since the laser marking machine is able to achieve logo, text, design, sculpture, does it again on the silicone products lettering? 'This is completely can actually, silica gel products is mainly formed by appropriate dehydration and silica gel particles the size of a porous material, is a kind of very good desiccant, adsorbent and catalyst carrier. Common silicone products on the market are: silica gel buttons, clavier, hand ring, wheel, silicone glove, silicone following, silicone toys, is widely used in industry, toy industry, furniture industry, and other fields.

on the different types of silica gel products carved some different text, pattern, qr code, logo, trademark information, such as the presence of these information can better guide consumers to purchase options, if all the silicone products are all without any content, you may lose part of consumer groups. Now the society is diverse equipment, the products under a single form is unable to meet the diversified demand, therefore the silicone products variety identification marking is dependent on the laser marking machine.

due to the laser marking machine series product variety is more, so is suitable for use on the silica gel products of laser printer with co2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, etc. , merchants in selecting laser marking equipment can be their own memory products proofing test before we decide to choose which type of marking equipment. Different laser marking machine on the same material goods marking out the effect is not the same, businesses can play mark effect to decide according to what kind of marking equipment identity information processing.

in the previously mentioned silica gel is silica gel, is a highly active adsorption material, and so is not crystalline material. If use silicone co2 laser marking machine, its working principle is to use 1064 nm infrared gas laser, carbon dioxide gas filling into the high pressure discharge tube to produce high quality laser beam and release of the laser, the laser energy amplification can form on the material processing of a laser beam, so as to achieve the use of laser beam on the surface of silica gel products for gasification and achieve the aim of marking word, logo or other information. For optical fiber and ultraviolet laser laser laser marking machine on the silica gel products the principle is similar.

learn to skillfully use silicon laser printer will be able to achieve any font on the silica gel products, design, text, symbols, logos, trademarks, qr code, date, anti-counterfeiting code, barcode information such as marking, laser marking technology has got mark information has the advantage of never fall off, not affected by cleaning agent lose become blurred, a marking identification information only need 1 ~ 5 seconds to complete, have fast marking, high efficiency, marking precision, good effect, zero, safe environmental protection, non-toxic harmless, stable performance, low cost, easy operation of absolute advantage, is the joy of silica gel products businesses marking one of the equipment.

in v. , silica gel products marking according to the actual effect of marking requirements are needed to choose suitable for their own use laser marking machine, rather than blindly choose. Laser marking equipment plays a decisive role in the silicone industry, for the vast number of merchants to solve the main problems of the assignment of all kinds of identity information code, to win the majority of merchants.
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