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Using a laser marking machine on the vacuum packaging standard whether there will be a flat?

by:LEAD TECH      2020-10-13

the so-called vacuum packing is to add the products to the tightness of the container and take out the internal air, thereby achieving the vacuum degree a form of packaging. Can play the role of oxygen in the form of vacuum packaging, better able to store food, to prevent its deterioration, generally used in the food industry. Vacuum packaging is decided by the life of the food stored inside success as well as the change of taste, once appear, leak corrosive air into the increased food. Normally microbes under vacuum packing is not survival condition, also because of this to ensure that food fresh, non-corrosive. For laser marking machine logo printed on the vacuum packing information will damage the sealing?

assume that using laser marking technology can conform to the marking requirements of vacuum packaging, at the same time also won't damage the vacuum packing bag, let it appear leakage happens, need to pay attention to what?

first of all, the assignment of vacuum packaging of products processing code is not able to damage to the packing sealing, otherwise the torn bags will not be able to do vacuum packing. So wei jie advise businesses use laser marking machine in vacuum packaging production date, batch number and other identifying information on the code should choose in a sealed edge marking, both to prevent damaged bags, convenient to consumers to find again at the same time.

second, in order to ensure that the marking effect of identity information, manufacturers should take on the vacuum packaging standard to food, try to avoid packed food again after marking. Before there is no food, rules of vacuum packing bag is flat, combined with the paging machine can improve the effect of production, but if it is a good food packaging bags, will be extremely uneven, it is difficult to ensure the sealing edge to complete the required marking effect, may affect consumers view.

main vacuum packaging enterprises do a good job in the appeal of two points, both to using the advanced laser marking equipment for vacuum packaging production date, batch number, certificate of approval, bar code, logo identity information related to the precision of code. For vacuum packaging code wei in accordance with the recommended by cold light source of the laser laser laser marking machine, such as ultraviolet laser marking machine. Or it can be used in a high cost performance of co2 laser marking machine, Ps: mainly used in non-metal material used) , optical fiber laser marking machine, can be directly on the vacuum packing bag.

advanced laser marking technology is a kind of security marking technology of environmental protection, the main principle is through the quality of laser beam in a form of surface which leaves a mark. Laser marking machine belongs to zero consumables, low cost, good performance, marking speed, high efficiency, and exquisite marking effect and diversified marking, identity information is a kind of permanent code equipment, has the traditional screen printing, printing ink printing incomparable superiority. Solve all kinds of grains like rice, snacks, cereal, tea vacuum packing goods series of questions in the assignment of identification code, wei also provide the matching scheme in accordance with the express companies got a lot of trade.

all in all, identity information on vacuum packaging marking can be done through laser marking technology, businesses in considering whether to adopt the goods before the laser laser printing machine, need to understand and proofing test effect, and then decide whether to use the equipment, it is a better choice for businesses.
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