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Using a laser marking machine realize cap qr code

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-18

we buy drinks in childhood, can always find drinks when we open the lid with 'thank you for your help' 'again come a bottle of' and other words, although not all of the drinks there are such activities, but in the fine C can often see in drinks, cola, etc. Every time to buy drinks with friends, to open the cap to see whether the winning also became one of the fun, when we see 'again come a bottle of' will be particularly happy, as if really in the award.

but with the continuous development of the Internet, the lid slowly evolved into a pattern of characters, the so-called qr code, for consumers it is a kind of new marketing model, qr code as a new marketing mode can be done with consumer online interaction effects, so take advantage of this is only one square centimeter of the marketing pattern of the interaction between the qr code scanning code gets gradually the favour of a lot of drinks business.

using qr code as a medium of consumers can be directly introduced electric business platform and transaction, at the same time also can promote the product brand, and increase the enterprise, public concern, and the consumer interaction and constantly improve, to cut the awareness of the product. For merchants to print on the bottle cap this one square centimeter of qr code, is need with the help of props, always can't let employees on it? This is not possible, it can cause error. Besides a society nowadays, a lot of things can be operated by a machine, choose corresponding. Lid qr code tag can choose laser marking machine.

using a laser marking machine of the qr code on the bottle cap can achieve the following effects:

1, have more clear marking effect, especially compared to spurt the cij printer, to a row of qr code, every point mark clear, can let consumer be clear at a glance to see, at the same time also can make the phone more rapid identification of qr code.

2, laser marking machine has better adhesion, that is, the qr code by using laser marking out traditional cap itself directly, will not let it appear be blotted out of the case, in the case of not replace cap, qr code printed on the cover will always exist.

3, laser marking machine has the use of lower cost, it does not require any consumables in working process, it belongs to the plug type machine, will be better able to save the cost.

4, laser marking machine has lower failure rate, usually a laser marking machine even work continuously for 24 hours, don't worry about it will fail to happen, it's life time can reach more than 20000 hours.

all in all, qr code for businesses of this novel marketing is certainly to be able to has been applied in many places, and laser marking machine on the qr code identification plays an important part. A combination of both to the development of enterprises, improve work efficiency, productivity, etc on bring great benefits, is a a combination of advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.
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