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Using a laser marking machine to build exclusive custom COINS

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-11

today open the baidu to see baidu's real time out in the McDonald's commemorative COINS, the inside of the open content found that more than 6. 2 million McDonald's was giving away free COINS was turned by netizens to a set of more than three thousand, from the price of the sale of up to 30 times per hour in gains, why would originally free goods by netizens to fry the price so high? May be one of the most important one of the reasons is that the maccoin COINS quantity is limited, and the pattern is random, has certain value for collection. Scarcity value is in common each era, the merchants of any industry can use laser marking machine to customize their own industry exclusive COINS, and give customer reserved for memorial.

a commemorative COINS is a characteristic of ordinary COINS or metal COINS, MEDALS also exist in the same way, with the Olympic Games commemorative COINS at the same time is a limited release of a commodity, has a certain collection value, so the COINS are easy to hype, to increase the original value is not high marks to a unimaginable price, like today's hot McDonald's commemorative COINS is the truth, can you imagine a originally free will rise in price of 30 times per hour? So businessmen to make consumers will you can the goods be reserved for memorial, you will need to customize their own limited money COINS, using a laser marking machine to print up enterprise characteristic and also can have the effect of propaganda effect.

how to use laser marking machine to enterprise's brand specialty printing up? First of all, we should select the appropriate laser marking machine, for COINS or we can choose to optical fiber laser marking machine is ultraviolet laser marking machine, if you want to achieve relief effect, you can choose 3 d laser marking machine. Second, need to confirm your good COINS to enterprise business information which, to select the main information, commemorative COINS to show the area is limited, so be sure to select the main information, such as the brand logo, edge characteristics information can be ignored. Finally, we need according to the selected information using the corresponding software to set up good graphic, here you can choose the ps software, or other can also, laser marking machine is compatible format is more, to choose their own skilled drawing tools.

after completes the appeal of steps, we can design a good graphic input connected to the laser marking machine computer, then according to the prompt operation and put COINS in the corresponding position, the laser marking can automatic induction and marking. Businesses should be tested first before operation, if the test does not conform to the requirements may need to be done for the laser machine to debug, if meet the requirements can be directly for marking. Marking out the COINS every one of them was special, is worth the user mark, you can be in some specific holidays to customers as a thank you is a kind of. If you just eat that users can only play with in the present know this is somebody to send, so increased the COINS so can let users always remember who sent it and promote yourself, and to give back to the customer.

all in all, when we see McDonald's commemorative COINS appeared not thinking about how much money this commemorative COINS, is not thought to participate in the hype, but should adopt the means of marketing, using a laser marking machine for your own brand also set the commemorative COINS to feedback user, in order to enhance their own brand effect.
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