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Using backlight spurt the code machine consumables what - need to pay attention to the safety of the problem - printing factory house

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-25
When using backlight cij printer, will also need to cooperate with some materials, such as ink, want better let backlit spurt the code machine play a proper role, it related personnel in the operation of the time need to material the use of the method should also understand somewhat. Inevitably because of the ink has a certain volatile and flammable items, therefore in the process of use, need to pay attention to the following several problems to ensure the safety of users. A, attention to do a good job of grounding and anti-static equipment of other factories, by contrast, technology advanced backlit spurt the code machine has some difference, because itself is by high-pressure electrostatic deflection, so you need to go through transferring electrostatic grounding way, so don't won't be accumulated into the point. Otherwise will not only affect the print effect, and is likely to cause fire, so be prepared beforehand, backlit spurt the cij printer related operators should check how to answer. Second, pay attention to avoid ink because backlight see eye or skin spurt the code machine ink and solvent feature is volatile and flammable toxic, so when use should try to avoid its nose with eyes and skin, etc. Has the reputation of backlit printing vendors would remind otherwise once splash into the need to quickly use a large amount of water or go to a doctor check, to avoid accidentally inhalation lung, so use equipment in the field should also be equipped with certain ventilation equipment, so that you can change inside the bad air directly into the fresh air. Third, pay attention to ensure ink components meet the standard requirements in the use of a backlight cij printer, its special ink solvents or cleaning fluid cannot be mixed with water or other ingredients. This is because the backlight spurt the code machine ink composition requirement is higher and can not be mixed with water, because the equipment in the process of printing to need very precise accurate complete work, and the process of the machine is running to prevent fires. Above is the use of backlit spurt the cij printer consumables need to be aware of some security issues, in addition, when doing maintenance work at ordinary times need cleaning nozzle, so at the time of polish, worth to remind is to use no fiber paper towels. So to nip in the bud, at the same time, should will wipe a paper towel for safe recycling, prevent fire equipment.
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