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Using co2 laser marking machine complete precision marking on leather goods

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-17

can be seen everywhere in our daily life of leather goods to make our lives seem to be more diversified, for example, in some clothes, shoes, belts, strap, wallet, handicraft, leather goods, in these goods be able to see some beautiful images, text, etc. You know how these exquisite pattern on the leather goods display? You will say it's the traditional printing process, adopts the traditional process does indeed lead to fine design in leather goods, but you know that using laser marking equipment will also be able to do it, and do a better job?

with the development of laser marking technology, its application in various industries is also more and more widely, and even some of the more obscure industry can be used. Why small make up will say printed pattern by using laser technology is better than the traditional process? Important because the traditional craft in the scope of labor cost, production speed, carving, and other aspects have certain defects. Traditional processing easily subject to the conditions of cutting tool, for example, for some difficult special-shaped design is very difficult to finished in a short time, and finish the effect also is not necessarily the desired effect, a waste of time, cost, and is not conducive to satisfy basic production requirements.

using co2 laser marking machine is able to fulfill the basic needs of the merchant? From a certain sense, compared with the traditional processing of co2 laser marking machine on leather goods design tag leather goods will not cause any damage, sculpture is faster, more accurate results, for some strange design also can easily finish marking requirements. Laser machining is one of the hot working process, it is because of high energy laser beam in the design of leather surface instantaneous burning carving, heat effect is small, so although is the quality of the laser beam will not damage the leather goods, happened to be just a mark for leather goods surface to form patterns. In addition to elaborate tag, also can print all kinds of Chinese and English, such as symbol information.

simply leather manufacturers as long as reasonable use of co2 laser marking machine is able to into a permanent pattern on the leather material goods, such as words, characters, the businessman mark. Actually, carbon dioxide laser laser laser marking machine in addition to helping businesses in leather goods marked on the exquisite design, companies can also help bring economic benefits to save costs rise. Laser machine in the process of use does not require any consumables, save unnecessary consumables cost; And with at least 20000 hours of maintenance equipment, saved the trouble of equipment fault maintenance; The performance of the equipment has 24 hours of continuous work at the same time, companies can satisfy the mass production line for processing; Finally, laser, selection of galvanometer are imported original accessories, ensure the stability of the equipment and give customers more trust.

above all, for leather manufacturer on the commodity marking you just need to choose the co2 laser marking equipment, does not need to buy other style of laser machine, and co2 laser machine in addition to can be used on leather goods, also can be used in some nonmetallic industry, help enterprise manufacturers solve the labeling information fast and precise marking requirements.
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