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Using common fault and the solution of the laser printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-09-25

no matter before using any product must first understand its common failure problem, can in time to save time and money. Then take you to understand the common fault of the laser laser laser marking machine.

fault a logo design of local is not clear if there is a laser laser printing machine logo design local unclear problems, first check whether the thickness of the molded version even, moulding pressure is too small, the temperature is too low, the machine precision is declining. Fault 2, logo design a clear a fuzzy appear such circumstance is the cause of uneven distribution of the temperature of the hot pressing device or molded version not smooth. Fault 3, identifies film stick version of hot-pressing temperature higher than the degradation temperature, coating viscosity increase will cause stick version and make the film winding on the holographic embossing roller. The above failure will occur. The solution is to reduce the hot-pressing temperature. Fault four, logo design bleak check whether the heating temperature is too low, moulding pressure drop. Moulding pressure moulding temperature must be taken into account comprehensively, the kinds of holographic material or coating layer soft molded version of case, etc. Pressure is too high, press the holographic material molded version easily damaged or bad; Pressure is too low, moulded image is unclear, incomplete; Around 8 mpa; 50 mpa. Moulded speed can be adjusted according to the quality of stamping machine performance, such as comprehensive. Fault five, logo design white check mold speed too slow, mold temperature is too high in guangzhou elegant. prosper identity machinery manufacture co. , LTD. Is specialized in sales of laser laser laser marking machine, has a professional technical team and considerate service. Is absolutely id you choose the best manufacturers.
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