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Uv electronic components laser marking machine to promote the identification code of innovation

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-19

electronic components is one of the most basic elements in electronic circuit, but also in daily life we come into contact with the electronic products, one of the important elements of the electronic components for electronic products is be short of one cannot. Such as our common capacitor, inductor, potentiometers, switches, relays, filter and so on are all need the presence of electronic components. In previous electronic components manufacturers do not attach importance to the identity of the information, and the traditional identification methods can not meet the needs of mass production, so that caused the electronic components of the laser marking machine.

product sales most afraid in two situations: one is in short supply, the other is supply exceeds demand. And defects of traditional identification is lead to the demand of electronic components, traditional tag is not enough to achieve the demand of mass production. So need for assignment of electronic components identification code on the need for technological innovation, in order to solve the deficiency of traditional markers. The existence of the laser marking technology is a great innovation in electronic components marking on, for electronic components marking a new color.

actually careful friends is not hard to find will appear in the electronic components for trademark, logo, characters, coding, design and the existence of the relevant information, and this kind of information are normally needed a device to print on the electronic components. Electronic components of the marking need to satisfy the high speed, precise and clear, clear, and no damage to processed commodities demand, ultraviolet laser marking machine is able to meet the marking requirements of electronic components manufacturer, at the same time also has other advantages, specific performance as follows:

1, electronic components, ultraviolet laser marking machine has light small, small heat affected, fine marking, the characteristics of the zero consumables, will play the underlying information in computer direct import, can by high-energy laser beam on the processed goods form tag.

2, in the process of processing for the processing of objects do not need to exert extra strength, and is especially suitable for the precision parts and electronic components used in the high demand, don't worry about the stress and deformation.

3, electronic components of the laser marking machine marking mumble is infiltration within the material, thus has permanent, not easy to wear and tear, alter.

4, ultraviolet laser marking machine, laser light is focused on the very fine, can do real precision marking, identity information on electronic components for the parts can be very precise, thus by the industry recognition.

5, ultraviolet laser equipment stable performance, low power consumption, small heat affected, wide applicable scope, marking speed, high efficiency, small light spot, high beam quality, can match with production line, etc.

all in all, uv electronic components of a laser mark development can promote the innovation of the industry on the assignment of identification code, at the same time also can promote the rapid development of electronic industry, electronic components industry and laser marking machine market in the future will be the development of a breakthrough, not stop there.
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