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Uv flat-panel printers use ricoh nozzle and epson nozzle which good -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-26
Uv flat-panel printers, the nozzle is a lot of more phyletic, the common epson series of nozzle, Toshiba series of nozzle, konica series nozzle, ricoh series of nozzle, self series nozzle, Polaris series of nozzle, etc. Uv flat-panel printers differ as a result the amount and type of the nozzle, determines the manufacturers use the spray, equipment price and customer groups. Common type of uv flat-panel printers: 1, normal civil uv flat-panel printers: epson nozzle, number 1 4. A head of multicolor, install a can play color. 2, industrial uv flat-panel printers: ricoh G5 nozzle, number 2 - Eight. A head of two colors, to install at least 2. 3, quality requirements of general industrial uv flat-panel printers: Toshiba nozzle, number 4 Eight, a head of color, at least four installation. Different nozzle quality comparison: 1, epson ink quantity reaches 1. 5 pl, precision up to 5760 dpi, the highest accuracy. Volume 3, 2, ricoh nozzle ink. The highest pl, 2880 dpi precision, moderate accuracy. 3, Toshiba nozzle ink quantity 5 pl, the highest 1440 dpi precision and accuracy meet general price comparison: 1, epson nozzle is relatively cheap, from several hundred to several thousand, 2, ricoh and Toshiba nozzle is relatively expensive, ranging from several thousand to tens of thousands. Remind you need to be aware that different nozzles with different characteristics, according to their own specific material requirements of accuracy, speed, yield, etc. , to decide to choose a suitable uv flat-panel printers, but do not buy blindly, hope to be of help in this paper.
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