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Uv ink - about the uv printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-21
In order to better use UV laser printing machine, and we will understand its various accessories consumables, today small make up you and everybody to know about the UV printers use ink & ndash; — UV ink. UV ink is a kind of form in moments after UV irradiation curing and film properties of ink. 1. The use of UV ink methods: UV ink varies with the temperature changes in the viscosity is also changing the nature of the ( High temperature, low viscosity, low temperature, high viscosity) , the viscosity change of a large impact on printing adaptability and film thickness. General uv ink temperature decrease, viscosity rise, film thickness thickening. Ink temperature rise, lower viscosity, film thickness thinning. So, try to keep constant temperature when printed, usually with 18 ~ 30 ℃ advisable. 2. The influencing factors of solidified ( 1) Kinds of material and color, the color of the nature of the material has special can absorb ultraviolet light, these material curing will slow down. In addition, the same kind of material will be due to the different levels of its curing. ( 2) The color of the ink can absorb ultraviolet uv ink in particular, will slow curing. So the UV type of ink concentration, there is a limit, especially with high concentration of white and dark ( Black, blue, other) Combined, should be sufficient attention. ( 3) Uv-curable initiator added uv-curable initiator is an effective approach to improving the solidification. But excessive add uv-curable initiator can hinder curing instead. ( 4) Illuminate the preheat temperature and UV irradiation the surrounding temperature, curing has a great influence of UV ink. The higher the temperature, curing, the better. Therefore preheating, ink curing sex will strengthen, better adhesion. 3. Note ( 3) Stir for a long time for uv ink, when need to insert to the big ink cartridge for use, the need for manual shaking, solve the long time rest of precipitation and viscosity reduction. ( 4) In general, are using uv ink cannot be used mixed with other series of uv ink. Small make up today to share here!
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