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UV inkjet printer allows clothing tags to be anti-counterfeit and traceable

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-13
The clothing tag is a brand hung on the clothing. It contains some clothing materials, washing precautions and other information. Its materials include coated paper, special paper, PVC, canvas, ribbon, metal, bamboo, wood, leather, PU, u200bu200bsilicone, although every The hang tags of each clothing company have their own characteristics, but most of them have the factory name, address, telephone number, zip code, logo, bar code, etc. printed on the tag. j Today, the editor of inkjet printer manufacturers will share with you the principle of use of tag uv cij printers; with the popularity of retrospective anti-counterfeiting barcodes, more and more clothing companies use barcodes on tag tags to trace product anti-counterfeiting and clothing anti-counterfeiting. The tag is based on modern information anti-counterfeiting technology. A piece of clothing corresponds to a random unique anti-counterfeiting code. The enterprise enters this anti-counterfeiting code into the query system in advance, and consumers can verify the authenticity by checking the anti-counterfeiting code after purchasing the goods. Tag UV inkjet printer is an inkjet printer that prints variable data barcodes or other information on clothing tags. It can print variable data on various materials. The micro-embedded anti-counterfeit traceability code UV cij printer adopts imported industrial piezoelectric print head, industrial Android system, 10.1 inch high-definition color screen, intelligent electronic control negative pressure ink supply system, and has the function of non-stop ink change and one-key maintenance. Excellent printing effect, wide range of applicable materials, high printing accuracy (600-1200DPI), fast speed, easy maintenance, quick-drying ink, no nozzle blockage, good adhesion and no damage to the surface of the printed items. Clothing companies generate different unique anti-counterfeiting codes through their own anti-counterfeiting systems, and assign codes to each clothing tag through UV cij printers. The relevant information of the clothing recorded in this exclusive anti-counterfeiting code includes clothing manufacturer information, clothing brand, Clothing production batch number, clothing production scene, etc. In addition, there is also the specific process of clothing production. Starting from clothing design, all raw materials of clothing, sewing production process, packaging and transportation process, specific channel distribution, store retail, etc., until the final consumer purchase, all traceability information is It can be recorded in the anti-counterfeiting code. Consumers can search all clothing information by scanning the code to know whether the clothing is the selected brand product; clothing companies can comprehensively control clothing anti-counterfeiting traceability data through their own database system, obtain market trends, ensure clothing quality, and avoid fleeing goods Behaviors provide a basic guarantee for the healthy development of the brand. u200bThe above is the content shared today. I think the editor of inkjet printer manufacturers has shared it well. You can follow the official website of cij printer: if you need to know about inkjet printer equipment, please call us: 020-87227827.
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